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XMLobby PPC provides you with wireless mobility and portability to manage and control your XM Satellite Radio (Requires XMPCR or XM Direct with TimeTrax Adapter) from a Pocket PC.

XMLobby Pocket PC is the first application on the market to allow control of your XM Satellite Radio and the only one to display Cover Art of the currently playing song (where available).

Screenshots from XMLobby Pocket PC

Pocketpc xmlobby chart1.jpg

XMLobby Pocket PC Requirements

PocketPC running PocketPC 2002 or 2003 or Mobile 5 with a wireless LAN connection

XMPCR or XM Direct with TimeTrax Adapter Hardware



Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC

XMLobby Pocket PC Features

Wirelessly control your XMPCR or XMDirect from anywhere within your wireless range

Displays Full Screen Color at 240x320 pixels View currently playing song's album cover art (when available)

Displays currently playing song, artist, and station for all channels at all times

Artist Alerts - XMLobby PPC lets you know when your favorite artist is playing

Define up to 16 favorite artists to be alerted when they are playing on any channel

Most Popular channel list keeps track of the stations you listen to most

Define up to 4 custom channel lists for different moods or family members

Quick scroll bar

Jump to any channel with our onscreen keypad

Control Power and Mute features of your XMPCR/XM Direct

View satellite signal strength

Displays channel label in addition to channel number

Large button design limits the need for a stylus


Unable to connect to the Server

Is there a file on your pocketPC called xmlobby_ppc.ini in the Program Files\Cinemar folder?
Have you configured the proper server Domain?
Do you see the server Domain name from XMLobby PPC connection screen?
Do you have XM signal strength on your Pocket PC connection screen?
Is your wireless network setup and working properly?
Is your XM PCR hardware connected?
Is the audio cable connected from your XM PCR?