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How to configure GenericSerial to Control a Sharp Aquos

Thanks to a few sources including; Dave "Utah" Evans.

The exact model of the TV used to test is LC-30HV4U, but it seems most Sharp LCDs use the same commands. Most of this is in the manual

First you must use a null modem cable which is also referred to as cross cable. I made one using two female rj45 to db9 adapters and this pinout.[1]

Dsub 9pin Dsub 9pin 
2 -------- 3 
3 -------- 2 
4 -------- 6 
5 -------- 5 
6 -------- 4 
7 -------- 8 
8 -------- 7 
Frame -------- Frame 

Next I set my Generic Serial settings to 9600,8,N,1 And made sure I had "Append CR LF (13 10) to sent commands" checked (default)

Here are the commands I found useful, if you can't get the manual ask me what command you need and I will post them.

All the commands must be 8 characters long so append them with spaces.

Power off - POWR0    
Power on  - POWR1    
Vol=30    - VOLM30  
Input=1   - IAVD1      

The power on doesn't work by default, you have to disable Energy saver to enable it, because the rs232 port is off in standby mode otherwise.

The volume can between between 1 and 59. The inputs can be between 1 and 4 and there are additional input commands for PC and S-Video etc.

To disable energy saver mode, use the menu if possible, or you can try the serial command "RSPW1 ". On my particular model I had to use the service menu, like this.[2]

HV4U & HV6U TVs,

With the AVC connected to the TV. Only the TV MAIN Power button is off.

1) Hold down INPUT & VOLUME - buttons on TV

2) Turn on TV by pressing MAIN Power button on tv.

3) Continue to hold in INPUT & VOLUME - until service menu appears (blue font overlay menu)

a) If a "K" is present, quickly press Volume - & Channel - at the same time.

4) Use remote Channel Down button to "StandBy Type 0"

5) Now use VOLUME + to change it to "StandBy Type 1"

6) Turn off the TV using the standby power button on remote or top of tv.[/code] <math>Insert formula here</math>