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Special Characters and MainLobby

Before proceeding, it’s important to understand how MLServer and MainLobby handle special characters. There are certain reserved characters that cannot be read directly once saved and reloaded in a MainLobby Scene. In order to display these characters, they need to be URL encoded.

URL encoding replaces the alphanumeric character with the hexadecimal combination which represents that character. For example, if you wanted a button label to read, Channel +, you would enter in Channel %2b. Save your scene then reload to see your results.

IMPORTANT: When you resave the Scene, the plus sign will again be lost. So make this change after your Scene is complete.

For a complete list of the URL Encoding table for special characters, please visit:

Character Code Hex Code Dec

Dollar ("$") %24 36

Ampersand ("&") %26 38

Plus ("+") %2B 43

Comma (",") %2C 44

Forward slash/Virgule ("/") %2F 47

Colon (":") %3A 58

Semi Colon (";") %3B 59

Equal ("=") %3D 61

Question mark ("?") %3F 63

'At' symbol ("@") %40 64

DRAFT How to lookup more characters:

First determine what font you're using, then do this: Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools and click Character Map or on Vista click Start and type charmap in the Search box. Select the font in the drop-down box at the top. Scroll through the symbols to find the one you want to use (for example: ©). You can double click the character and click Copy, then paste it into your document. But a faster way if you're going to use the same characters often is to note and memorize the keystroke shown in the lower right corner (for example, ALT+0169 for the Copyright symbol). Then when you want to insert that character in the future, just type the keystroke combination instead of going to the Character Map. Note that some characters are not available in some fonts.