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To use the SWF Generator, download the SwfGen.zip file to a directory and unzip it. Just launch the SwfGen.exe file and the above window should open. In the Up Image field, click the browse button and locate the Up button image you would like to use. There are samples in the Buttons directory. Do same for Down and Over Image. Then, select a path and file name for the Output SWF file. Click the Make SWF button, and you're done creating an swf that can be used in MainLobby!

Normally, you could copy the new swf to the Cinemar\SWF directory. In MainLobby Design Menu, click the Image button and select the new swf file you created. You should now have your custom swf button in your MainLobby scene.

The Cinemar SWF Generator is free for use by MainLobby customers. It is licensed for creation of buttons only to be used in MainLobby.

Requires MainLobby 3.00.51 or higher to display files created with the SWF Generator Tool.