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Want mobile control of your Russound CAV, CAM or CAA Controller? Now you can with Cinemar's Russound Pocket PC application. Wander anywhere within your Pocket PC wireless range and still have control of your Russound Whole House Audio system. It's like having an UNO-S2 keypad attached to your hip.

Screenshots from Russound CAV6.6

Pocket PC Application

Pocket PC Minimum Requirements

Arm Compatible CPU

16mb RAM or higher (32mb Recommended)

Windows Mobile 2002/2003 or PocketPC 2002/2003

.NET Compact Framework (included)

Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC

MLServer 3

Russound CAV/CAM/CAA MLServer Plugin

Russound CAV/CAM/CAA 6.6 Hardware

Russound CAV6.6 Pocket PC Features

Wirelessly control your Russound CAV6.6 anywhere within your wireless range

Displays Full Screen Color at 240x320 pixels

Graphic LCD displays Zone and Source Alias along with current Volume Level

Control any zone or source anywhere (emulates the UNO-S2 keypad)

Modify any Zone's Bass, Treble, Balance, Loudness, Party and Do Not Disturb settings

2 Way feedback notifies user if Zone is On or Off

Currently supports 1 Russound Controller

Supported Zone and Source controls include: Vol Up, Vol Down, F1, F2, Pause, Stop, Play, Plus, Minus, Next, Previous, PowerToggle, Zone and Source Selection

Pocketpc chart.russound.jpg