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Documentation Coming Soon


Welcome to the App for MLS4.

The V4 RSS app has received a complete face lift. Available for download now the app has been completely rewritten.

The two biggest new features are 1) if there is an embedded image in the news item the image is extracted and made available for viewing. And 2) a true feed browser has been introduced. Individual clients can now browse different news feeds.

To accomplish the latter new server variables have been introduced. Command builder has been updated and it will have the new commands supported by the RSS app.

Finally, the sample client scenes have been updated to demonstrate the new RSS scene in action. You should get something that looks like the attached images.

Note: RSS V4 will require a new license and activation code as there is a small upgrade fee for existing RSS users.

System Requirements

  • MLServer version 4. or later
  • MainLobby Client ot Tablet scenes.
  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • PC with persistent Internet connection


Download and run the App from MLInstaller on the primary MLServer PC. You can optionally download the sample scenes for MainLobby and install them on your client PCs.

Restart MLServer.

MLServer Variables

App Server Variables=

The App will auto generate variables in MLServer based on the settings you have entered. These are most of the variables, look at the MLS4 Server Variables for current variables generated.

  • Appname_variable