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MusicLobby 3 PocketPC provides you with wireless mobility and portability to manage and control your music collection from a Pocket PC.

View album cover art of the currently playing song, add or remove tracks or complete albums to your playlist or browse by genre, year, artist, album, etc all at full screen. Create your own playlist for parties or let MusicLobby PPC randomly create a playlist for you. Place a Pocket PC around the house and have control from every room.

Screenshots from MusicLobby 3 Pocket PC

Setup is fast and easy thanks to J River's Media Center software. Because of our partnership with J River, we're able to provide many of the powerful features directly from within MusicLobby PPC. Some examples include: support for over 80 media formats (.mp3, .wma, .wav, etc.), cross-fade between songs, gapless playback, etc. Plus you'll gain all the benefits of Media Jukebox/Center such as CD Ripping, MP3 Encoding, retrieve cover art from internet, etc.

MusicLobby 3 Pocket PC Requirements

Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 or 2005, Mobile 5

.NET Compact Framework (included)

32mB RAM or Higher

MusicLobby 3

MLServer 3

J River Media Center 11 or 12

Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC

MusicLobby Pocket PC Features

Displays Full Screen Color at 240x320 pixels or 480x640 on some models

View Album Cover art

Supports and displays ID tags

Browse entire Music Library

Run MusicLobby PPC on multiple Pocket PC's - each instance will display live real-time information

Filter by Artist, Album, Genre or File Location

Add individual songs, entire albums or every song by the Artist to the playlist with one click

Automatically resizes cover art

Quickly remove any track from the playlist with one click

Automatically imports information from J River's Media Jukebox or Media Center

Clear playlist

View playlists

Easy access transport controls

Identify the startup zone you want to control

UPDATE LOG 01.19.04
Improved performance with large collections & playlists
Faster connection time on startup
Faster response status when out of wireless range (Green/Red Light)
Velocity Server/Slinke/CDJ/Sony Changer Support
MultiZone Support


Cover Art isn't displaying within MusicLobby Change the serverDomain setting in the MusicLobby ini file to the Computer Name instead of the IP Address or instead change the IP Address to the Computer Name.

Use which ever one works.