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Welcome to the App for MLS4.

You will find the Musiclobby V4 app in the Installation assistant along with updated sample client scenes supporting the new commands and features. You will need the latest Content Manager to import your old V3 database and then edit your music collection.

This is an early beta. It is feature complete but there is surely to still be some bugs in it. Musiclobby 4 has been completely rewritten. One thing that is not in this release is support for remote Music zones via the ClientSvc app. This will be forthcoming but wasn't critical for the first pass.

Some of the new features are 1) Support for all popular audio formats including flac, ogg and ape files. 2) Content manager can rip to lossless formats include FLAC 3) Artist Fan art will be included on album detail and now playing pages 4) Song lyrics will automatically be downloaded if they can be located. 5) The user interface now matches the Gen 2 scenes. 6) The music library will automatically be synced at 3am every day 7) You can specify folders to be ignored during a network scan 8) Shuffle is a real shuffle

System Requirements

  • MLServer version 4. or later
  • MainLobby Client ot Tablet scenes.
  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • PC with persistent Internet connection


Download and run the App from MLInstaller on the primary MLServer PC. You can optionally download the sample scenes for MainLobby and install them on your client PCs.

Restart MLServer.

MLServer Variables

App Server Variables=

The App will auto generate variables in MLServer based on the settings you have entered. These are most of the variables, look at the MLS4 Server Variables for current variables generated.

  • Appname_variable

MusicLobby, Pandora, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio Configuration for using the AV Agent

If you want to enable a remote audio zone for any of these MLServer Apps then all you need to do is select the "Remote Audio Zone" device from Output device list. This will expose the Remote Audio zone configuration. Enter the name or ip address of the PC where the AV Agent is running and then specify one of the 4 audio zones to use on the agent.

Remote Audio Zone