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Welcome to the Cinemar MainLobby Suite Documentation Wiki.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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Getting started

Using MainLobby Server3

MainLobby Server3 Release Notes

Using MainLobby3 Client

MainLobby Client Release Notes

Using MainLobby Core Addons

  • GUIGraphix - Adding graphical libraries to MainLobby Client - Manual

Using MainLobby PocketPC Applications

Using MainLobby Plugins

Amplifier Plugins

Audio Players / Changers

AV Receiver Plugins


Display Device Plugins

DVD Players / Changers

Information Plugins

Input and Output Plugins

Integration Plugins

Irrigation Plugins

Lighting Plugins

Matrix Switcher Plugins

Media Server Plugins

Media Player Plugins

Media Plugins

Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Plugins

Pool and Spa Control Plugins

PreAmplifier Plugins

Satellite Radio Plugins

Security Plugins

System Plugins

Video Cameras and Servers

Axis, Panasonic, Toshiba camera support

Zone Controllers Plugins

Beta Zone

Tips, tricks, and extra content

Cinemar Hardware Solutions

  • AMP152 - Cinemar Stereo amplifier for multi zone audio distribution
  • GlobalCache - GlobalCache IP to IR /Serial hardware
  • Nobu - Nobu in wall touchscreen PCs
  • Samsung - Samsung UMPCs
  • Servers - Cinemar servers
  • Simplifi - Simplifi MultiChannel Amplifiers
  • TabletKiosk - TabletKiosk UMPCs
  • USBIR6 - Cinemar Multi zone Infrared Transceiver



Third Party Related Applications

  • preMovieManager - Application for playing Trivia, Demos etc when used in conjunction with DVDLobby3 and TheaterTek or ZoomPlayer movie players
  • Velocity Server - Application for using a Sony CD Changer from within MusicLobby1
  • SketchUP - Floor Plan drawing application (free)

Third Party Related Hardware

Display Devices

  • Sharp Aquos - Discussions on Sharp Aquos control via MainLobby