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Mainlobby for Android Tablets is an HTML 5 web application that demonstrates all of the major Cinemar applications running on Android tablets. This is a full screen web application written in HTML, CSS3 and Javascript. It is fully functional for the supported applications. You cannot use the typical MainLobby designer to modify these web pages but anyone with a little fluency in HTML should be able to make customizations.

This app was designed using an Asus Eee Pad tablet. This is a standard Android tablet with an nVidia Tegra cpu running Android 3.2 (Honeycomb). Be careful as not all Android tablets are the same. Some of the cheaper models use very low power CPUs and are not running the latest versions of the Android OS. Your tablet should have Android 3.x (Honeycomb) or better as earlier versions of the OS have inferior web browsers.

The scenes are designed to fit the native 1280x800 display of the tablet running full screen.


On the back end you must be running MLServer version 4.x or later and the latest V4 releases of all the Cimemar products (DVDLobby, MusicLobby, Pandora, etc.) You must also configure your MLServer DNS name so that is uses the IP Address of your MLServer PC as shown in the following figure.



MainLobby for Android Tablets

Download the MainLobby_Android_Setup.exe installer package from the Cinemar Installation Assistant. Run the installer. By default all of the new files will be placed into the C:\Program Files\Cinemar\MLServer\HTML\Android.Sample folder. You should immediately copy this folder and make the copy of the folder your active folder. That way if you install future releases of the sample app you will not overwrite any of your changes.

Making the browser full screen

You will want to run this app full screen in the tablets web browser. To do this you need to open the browser on the tablet and go into settings. Once in settings click on Labs and the make sure Quick Controls is checked off. This will make all your web browsing on the tablet run full screen. See the following:

Android - Step 1.png

Once you have installed the files and configured MLServer to use the appropriate IP address open browser on your tablet and browse to the following URL as shown in the figure below. Make sure that you substitute for the IP Address of your MLServer PC.

Android - Step 2a.png

Click on the Go button to open the page. If all goes well the following page should be displayed.

Android - Step 3.png

Now click on the bookmarks sign on the toolbar. This will launch the following options pop-up.

Android - Step 4.png

Click on the Add to Home Screen option. You can name the application anything you like. We suggest naming it MainLobby. Click the Add button when you are done and you'll be brought back to your desktop. You should see the new MainLobby desktop icon. Similar to what is shown below.


That's it!. You've installed a new Web Application on your tablet and you didn't need an App Store to do it. To start using MainLobby just click on the new MainLobby icon.

Using MainLobby

Any time you click on the MainLobby desktop icon you will be brought to the main menu screen. From here you can select to run any of the Mainlobby applications simply by clicking on the appropriate menu item. All of the major Cinemar applications are represented here. These are not just demos but fully functional control scenes. You should not have to modify any of the pages in order to use this application in your environment.

If you find that certain customizations are necessary then you can opt to take advantage of our consulting services to make any changes necessary for your particular installation.

Main Menu

Android - Step 5.png


The Media menu option will bring you to a set of scenes for controlling DVDLobby, MusicLobby, Netflix, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Pandora, DirecTV and Cable.

Media Menu

Android - Step 6.png