MainLobby4 Release Notes 2013

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Release Notes for 07/23/13 - Version 4.0.45 [Release 2]

Updated Files

  • Library\Library0019.swf

Added Skins

  • Content\0019\1024x768\Skins\windowsbkgd_1024x768.jpg

Added Library Objects

  • 0019_0901

Release Notes for 04/02/13 - Version 4.0.45


  • This version includes updates to many libraries. Users should see reduced CPU usage on scenes that have hundreds of buttons and dynamic labels that resolve to undefined values.
  • Text.Sizable - improved updating time by 8x

Updated Files

  • MainLobby.exe
  • Library\Library0019.swf
  • Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf
  • Library\LibraryComponents.swf
  • Library\LibraryLogos01.swf

New MLCmds

  • MLcmd|{{clientname}}~SendKey|MainLobby~<<keyCmd>>

Where <<KeyCmd>> may equal: VK_0, VK_1, VK_2, VK_3, VK_4, VK_5, VK_LButton, VK_Rbutton, VK_Left, VK_Right, VK_UP, VK_Down, VK_Select, and all other virtual key codes that are defined by Microsoft.

Added Library Objects

  • 0019_0899
  • 0019_0900