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MainLobby 2.86b Update Log

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe documentation\MainLobby_2_Users_Guide.pdf Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf

CHANGES: Added: New and Improved MainLobby 2 User Guide Fixed: Numeric Values for tinting of States is now working again Added: Z-Order shows ButtonID if no label is assigned to button Added: Lock Option to Button Properties Panel (Prevents graphics from being editted while in Edit and Design Mode) MLLockGraphic Added: Lock Graphic Option to Z-Order Panel Added: Button Blocker to Z-Order Panel to prevent pressing buttons accidentally Fixed: Some issues with tinting level values not working properly in some situations Changed: When pressing Z-Order button it will switch to Design Mode if currently in Launch Mode, if in Edit mode it will stay in Edit mode. BUGFIX: Time.HoursMinutes and all Date Objects were not displaying properly when in the overlayScene ADDED: Library Graphic: Time.AMPM (Displays AM or PM)

MainLobby 2.86 Update Log

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf Library\LibraryLogos01.swf Library\LibraryComponents.swf

New Files: Library\Library0013.swf Library\Library0014.swf Library\Library0015.swf Library\Library0016.swf Library\Library0017.swf Library\Library0018.swf Library\Library0019.swf Library\Library0020.swf documentation\MainLobby_2_Users_Guide.pdf

CHANGES: Added: Code to support Library0013 thru Library0020 Added: Toshiba IKWB01A image to Component Library Added: Samsung 6163W image to Component Library Added: Z-Order selects item in list (holding highlights object) Added: Z-Order shows which graphic is currently selected Added: Pressing Z-Order automatically puts ML into Design Mode Added: documentation folder Fixed: Buttons in OVerlay were launching Application field from Main Scene (Fixes: Web, File, Batchfile, Sound) Fixed: Z-Order wasn't moving Local Off State Fixed: Rotation problem when pressing Cancel in Button Properties Panel Fixed: Monitor.TurnOn and Monitor.TurnOff MLCmd's Fixed: Highlight around objects when selected now displays properly when object is scaled or rotated Changed: Renamed Waciconnect.swf to prevent loading unless necessary (WACI Users will need to rename back to waciconnect.swf) Changed: Removed Girder and Slinke References from Options Panel

MainLobby 2.85a Update Log

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf

CHANGES: Fixed: Template:Value now works in Overlays when using Sliders

      ie: MLServeCMD.Macro|SetVariable|mlhsplugin_z14_value~Template:Value!MLHSPlugin|HS_ExecX10:z14~DDIM~Template:Value

Fixed: Reverted LiquidCrystal Font back to original Added: Ability to support foreign characters

MainLobby 2.85 Update Log

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf Library\LibraryLogos01.swf Library\LibraryComponents.swf All Licensed libraries will require an update to support features of MainLobby 2.85

CHANGES: Added: Custom Global (All Library Objects) and Local (Library Object independent) OFF STATE VALUES Added: Delete Button on ML Menu Bar (Must be in Design Mode and select button - then press Delete) Added: Most fields will allow & and + symbol to be saved with Scene (not all fields yet) Added: MLCmd - SetVariable, then put var~value in the var field (this is client independent (local) and not a global variable) Added: Within an MLServeCmd the user can specify a local variable using brackets variable Added: Tint and Alpha On/Off State Levels have numeric display instead of only slider Added: Label field now supports nested variables: {{cav66_c1z{{cycleclientnamezones_data}}_state}} Added: Football field slider to Library Fixed: Text.Singleline outline when selected now scales with field Fixed: Reload jpg files can now be loaded into Overlay Scene Changed: JPG Reload now loads 2 images to prevent flicker if possible when reloading Changed: Label field now requires brackets around clientname: ie clientname Note: Template:Clientname still required when sending in MLServeCmd line but may change in future Changed: Remove Button no longer available from ML Menu Bar

MainLobby 2.80 Update Log

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe

New Files:

CHANGES: Added: Copy/Paste Multiple Buttons within and between Scenes (Design Mode, hold CTRL key to select multiple buttons) Added: Load MLS file directly into RemoteFX/OverlayScene Added: Load overlayScene from an overlayScene (replaces existing buttons in overlayScene) Fixed: Web links were not being saved when using SAVE AS button Fixed: loadOverlayScene (buttons were not rotating) Fixed: When pressing New button in Menu Bar, MLServeCmd Startup and Exit were not being removed

MainLobby 2.75d Update Log

The only changes in this version were to fix some bugs found in WebLobby. The autoinstaller will now no longer erase over .ini or .mls files.

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe

MainLobby 2.75b Update Log

Fixed: SWF files not loading using dynamic variables in label field Added: LibraryCustom04

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe Library\LibraryCustom04.swf Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf

MainLobby 2.75 Update Log

Added: Dynamically display jpg or swf files by changing variables in MLServer Added: MainLobby to MLServer Connection Status Light Added: Template:Mlserverconnection variable in label field identifies whether MainLobby client is connected to MLServer Added: Aurora Multimeda WACI Hardware Support (requires additional files: waciconnect.swf, waciconnect.ini) Added: Additional Future Library Support Files Changed: MainLobby reconnection to MLServer time reduced to 5 second intervals

Updated Files: mainlobby.exe Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf Library\Library0010.swf Library\Library0011.swf Library\Library0012.swf waciconnect.swf waciconnect.ini images\light_on.jpg images\light_off.jpg mlserverconnect.swf

Additional Instructions for Dynamic JPGS/SWF (Open for more details): 1) Add a Button to the Stage 2) Switch to EDIT mode 3) Select the recently added Button 4) Browse your hard drive for a JPG Image or Flash file (the image doesn't really matter if you will be replacing it dynamically) 5) In the label field you'll need to specify which variable will be supplying the filename, for this example type Template:Testjpg 6) Then Press OK 7) Add another button 8) Switch to EDIT mode 9) Select this button 10) In the MLServeCmd line, specify the value for the variable testjpg. Do this by typing: MLServeCmd.SetVariable|testjpg~images\light_on.jpg 11) Press OK and enter Launch mode. 12) Press the last button you added to set the variable testjpg to images\light_on.jpg Assuming there is a file called C:\Program Files\Cinemar\images\light_on.jpg on your computer, it should display.

If no image is found, or the filename is invalid, no image will be displayed while in Launch mode. When entering EDIT or DESIGN mode, it will display the text "Image Not Found". You can select this text to drag and/or edit.

MainLobby 2.70g

Installation Instructions:

Install MainLobby 2.70c. Then extract this zip file to your Cinemar folder using folder names.

Added: XMLogosLibrary to Library Folder

Changed: Allow multiple instances of MainLobby on same computer

Updated Files:



MainLobby 2.70f

Fixed: Ability to add + and & to a button's label. % is not possible at this time.

Fixed: Some bugs in loadOverlayScene (buttons were not behaving properly - bad buttons)

Fixed: Library was getting colored/alpha'd based on last button state

Fixed: Buttons changing focus on rollover in edit mode when leaving 'states'

Fixed: Centerred labels on sliders

Added Library: LibraryFlags (Flags of the world)

Added to Library: Progress01 progress bar

Added: Ability to give external .jpg/.swf dual-state properties (tint/alpha)

Added Font: PS2

Added Font: Mobile Man

Added Font: Yahoo

Added to Library: LightField02

Added: mlserverconnect.swf now included in setup

Added: to setup

Changed: LightField01 to white color to allow tinting (some users wanted yellow for lights, red for motion sensors, blue for TVs, etc.)

Changed: Way variable values are refreshed to lessen CPU usage

Updated Files:





MainLobby 2.70c

Features: Added font: NovaUltraCondSSK Added font: LiquidCrystal Added font: Big Fish Ensemble Added font: Bermuda Solid Added font: Monotype Corsiva Added button: LightBulb01 Added button: LightField01 Added button: Slider01_cont Added button: Slider01_release Added button: StatusLight01 Added Feature: 'Z-Order' Design Helper Added Feature: Ability to mix text with a variable on a label Added Button Property: Repeat Added Button Property: Hide Value Added Feature: Dual-state button coloring Added Feature: Dual-state button alpha setting Added Feature: Ability to load an .mls into the RemoteFX Layer

Files Updates/Additions > Updated: Library\LibraryLogos01.swf > Updated: Library\LibraryMainLobby.swf > Updated: Library\LibraryComponents.swf > Updated: MainLobby.exe

MainLobby 2.60

Features: > Bidirectional communication with the MLServer (requires MLServer 1.3.0 or higher) > MLServeCmd's can be issued on Scene startup and Exit (Options > Scene > More) > In Edit Mode, an option to autopopulate the text "MLServeCmd." in the MLServeCmd field

File Updates/Additions > Added: > Added: Library\LibraryCustom02.swf > Added: Library\LibraryCustom03.swf > Updated: Entire Library Folder contents > Updated: Mainlobby.exe > Updated: mlserverconnect.swf > Updated: updates_to_manual.txt

Upgrading to Version 2.60 > Backup all MLS files and ini files in your Cinemar folder before > installing to a separate directory > Install MainLobby 2.60 by clicking on the setup.exe file overwriting the existing location > Copy the files from the first step back into the Cinemar folder overwriting the files

New Features found in MainLobby 2.25 · Hide Mouse Pointer Option · New Align Panel · Select Multiple buttons using the Control Key · Added Window Caption to program (MainLobby) for controlling MainLobby from Girder · Over 65 new Library graphics · New Background Skins · Reload a .jpg every second (Security Camera support) · New self install routine and icon Bug Fixes: · Design coordinates were appearing underneath FX layers · Miscellaneous

MainLobby 2.25 Documentation Update

Moving and Aligning Buttons To select and move multiple buttons, select a button on the Stage (a red box will surround the button). Hold the Control Key then select additional buttons. Move the buttons around on the Stage using the Arrow Keys. Hold the Shift Key down in conjunction with any Arrow Key to move in 10 pixel increments.

You can also center buttons on the Stage using the new Align Panel. The Distribution button allows you to even space buttons vertically or horizontally.

New Features found in MainLobby 2.18: > New advanced ML render engine scales graphics without block compression seen previously > Over 250+ Buttons to choose from > 7 High Resolution Background Skins > 9 complete designed MainLobby Scene files > Library Popup Panel: View Thumbnails of your entire library (Add & Replace buttons instantly) > New Apply button in Edit Properties Panel > New Fonts: "Controlicons" (Pause, Stop, Play, etc) plus more fonts > Invisible Circle Button for mapping graphics > New MLcommands: Hide and Show any FX layer from a button > New MLcommands: ToggleGraphic (Toggle between two graphics in your Library on a button Press) > New MLcommands: ToggleSlinke (Create two commands for one button for the Slinke. ie Turn on/off lights from one button) > Make buttons unclickable > ML now supports up to 20 Slinke devices

Bug Fixes: > ML Scene file size were doubling in size each time Save was pressed. > Button labels and properties that mysteriously reappear later on. > X&Y coordinate display was appearing behind buttons on the Stage. > Enter Key in Button Properties Panel would reset the font color to black. > Fixed scaling and position problem of the Screensaver layer. > When using the arrow keys in Design Mode to position buttons, ML would bog down

MainLobby 2.18 documentation update

Using the MainLobby Library Panel: The Library Panel is accessed from the Main Menu. Once opened, select whether you want to Add or Replace buttons on the Stage. It automatically places you in Design mode when you press once of the options. If you selected Add, just select an image from the Library and it will place it on the Stage. If press Replace, select a button already on the Stage and then press an image in the Library. The button will then be swapped out with your new selection. Use the drop down in the upper right corner to view the various images in each Library. In the upper right corner of the Library Panel you can also view thumbnails in batches of 24 or 70, view the panel at 1/2 size, minimize the panel to a draggable bar or close the Panel.

Edit Properties Panel An APPLY button has been added to this panel to allow the user to view changes to the button without exiting and then reentering the Panel. You'll also notice a check box labeled CLICK. When checked (default), the button is clickable, when unchecked the button is locked when in Launch mode and cannot be pressed. The keyboard shortcuts will still work when this option is unchecked however. These commands are case sensitive so be sure to type them out accurately or use the drop down to select the command.

MainLobby's Command Line is becoming more powerful! You'll notice several new commands in the ML Command Line drop down and the introduction of the variable field which allows for complex control of graphics and multistate buttons. You'll soon see more commands like these that truly harness the power of MainLobby's command line.

The newest feature is the option to hide or show any of the FX layers found in MainLobby. Two of probably the most unique commands are ToggleGraphic and ToggleSlinke. Here are two examples of how they work: 1) First, Add a button to the Stage, press Edit and then select the Button you just added. 2) Let's select the two graphics that we will toggle between. Select B0037 from the MainLobby Library scroll box. 3) Select ToggleGraphic from the MLcmd drop down 4) In the variable field type the ID of a graphic that you'd like to toggle between. For this example, type, "Button0037b" without the quotes. NOTE: The ID is found on the top of the Edit Properties Panel and is unique for each graphic, (ie Button0001) It is not the same name that is found in the Library scroll box. This is a label. More descriptive labels will be applied to each button in a subsequent release. These name changes will not affect your Scene files. 5) Now press OK. 6) Press Launch from the Menu and click on the button. If you followed all the steps, the button should toggle between the two graphics.

Using one button to turn On and Off a light with your Slinke In this example, you'll obviously need to own the Slinke available from Cinemar as well as a CM11A or similar device. 1) First, Add a button to the Stage, press Edit and then the select the Button you just added. 2) Select ToggleSlinke from the MLcmd drop down. 3) In the variable field, type the toggle script such as, "x10:off[a1]" NOTE: This assumes you have a device called X10 added in the Slinke Options 4) In the Slinke command line at the bottom of the Edit Properties Panel, type in "x10:on[a1]" 5) Now press OK. Assuming you are connected to the Slinke and your CM11A, the light A1 should alternate between On and Off when pressing the same button.

You may also want to download some free moving backgrounds (BackgroundFX)from our website: