MainLobby2 Release Notes 2006

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Release Notes for 2.96.5 on 03/14/06


Bug Fixes • loadOverlayScene wasn't passing variables to MLServer


Release Notes for 2.96.4 on 03/14/06


Added • Pass Overlay Scene Name to MLServer 2.0.198+


Release Notes for 2.96.3 on 03/12/06


Bug Fixes • SceneName being passed to MLServer wasn't processing before MLServeCmd's on Startup for each scene


Release Notes for 2.96.2 on 03/12/06


Added • Passing of each Client Scenename to MLServer (requires MLServer 2.0.187+) - Sets variable clientname_currentscene • Added MLCmds: (Case Sensitive) • Can be called from an MLServeCmd of another computer: MLServeCmd.MLCmd|MLCommand~clientname~Application|sendToBack

• Application|hide (Hides MainLobby but still is running in Task Manager)
• Application|show
• Application|maximize
• Application|restore
• Application|exit
• Application|onTop~true (Keeps MainLobby on Top of other Applications)
• Application|onTop~false
• Application|sendToBack
• System|shutdown

Bug Fixes • ShutdownWindows command wasn't working properly because of case sensitivity issue • Button Counter in lower left corner when in Design mode was cutting off 3 digit numbers


Release Notes for 2.95.1 on 03/04/06


Added • IMAGE button to MainLobby Menu Bar (JPG,SWF) • Reorganized Menu Bar slightly • Installer allows user to deselect Scenes and Background Skins • Misc. code cleanup

Bug Fixes • Clicking in Menu Bar between Open and Save was causing an email popup window to appear

MainLobby RELEASE NOTES - Version 2.92.00 Release Date: 02/13/06 IMPORTANT: Requires MLServer 2.0+ for dynamic variable support in MLServeCmd's.

Changed: Removed outdated variables in Z-order Swapping BugFix: Send to Back and Bring to Front in Z-Order panel now keep all other objects in correct order instead of just swapping buttons BugFix: Improved Efficiency in Z-order Swapping


MainLobby RELEASE NOTES - Version 2.91.51 Release Date: 02/12/06 IMPORTANT: Requires MLServer 2.0+ for dynamic variable support in MLServeCmd's.

• CHANGED: Startup MLServeCmd does not do any dynamic variable parsing since MLServer will handle it now • CHANGED: Exit MLServeCmd does not do any dynamic variable parsing since MLServer will handle it now • CHANGED: Startup MLServeCmd for OverlayScene does not do any dynamic variable parsing since MLServer will handle it now • CHANGED: Exit MLServeCmd for OverlayScene does not do any dynamic variable parsing since MLServer will handle it now • BUGFIX: All core Library's updated to fix dynamic variable parsing when no nesting present • ADDED: screensavers\screensaver_dimmer.swf (Dims screen down when not in use for specified interval)


MainLobby RELEASE NOTES - Version 2.91.50 Release Date: 02/09/06 IMPORTANT: Requires MLServer 2.0+ for dynamic variable support in MLServeCmd's.

• BUGFIX: When loading items in the Button Properties panel, the SAVE button would save the scene to that folder instead of where the original MLS was loaded from.


MainLobby RELEASE NOTES - Version 2.91 IMPORTANT: Requires MLServer 2.0+ for dynamic variable support in MLServeCmd's.

There's a significant change to the SAVE function in this version. Please excercise caution and verify the files are being saved where you loaded them from when using the SAVE function. • ADDED: SAVE button save's to where the file is loaded from or where the user specified during SAVE AS • Requirment to save into MainLobby.exe folder has been lifted. • In cases where the user has a relative path to a scene with just the filename, it will automatically save to where mainlobby.exe is located. • Changed: Splash Screen • Changed: Republished Libraries with updated code - should improve efficiency when using nested variables in labels


MainLobby RELEASE NOTES - Version 2.87.02 IMPORTANT: Requires MLServer 1.4.92 for dynamic variable support in MLServeCmd's.

Making the move from MainLobby 2.86b: 1) If you have been Dynamically loading JPGs in the label field, (ie: Template:MyJpgfilename) this information should be moved now to the JPG Image or Flash field below. 2) Make sure that the buttonID reads JPGLoader0001 3) To add dynamic JPG's to your scene, Hit the BROWSE button next to the JPG Image or Flash field. 4) This will assign JPGLoader0001 to that field. Then hit cancel. 5) Next, type in the variable field with double curly brackets surrounding the variable name.

New Features • Users can keep Edit Button Properties Panel Open and select objects • NOTE: Users must press APPLY if they want changes to be accepted before selecting another object • New Selection Routine • Holding Shift Key allows selection of Multiple Objects (no longer Control Key - requires updated libraries) • Deselect Objects by holding Shift key and pressing selected Object • Text.Multiline Added (This is line 1
This is line 2)
adds a return to the line • Text.Singleline Library Object supports dynamic nested variables · Send MLCmds from an MLServeCmd · Support for new MLServeCmds • MLServeCmd.MLCmd|MLCommand~htpc2~Web.NavigateURL~ • MLServeCmd.MLCmd| • Requires MLServer 1.4.20+ • Support for new MLCmds • MLServerConnection|connect~<<serverDomain>>~<<serverPort>> • ie: MLServerConnection|connect~localhost~5004 • ie: MLServerConnection| • MLDVDLOBby|DLnextMovie • From MLServeCmd line: MLServeCmd.MLCmd|MLCommand~htpc2~MLDVDLobby|DLnextMovie • MLFileOpen|nameoffile.exe • MLFileOpen|Template:Myfilename • MLServeCmd.MLCmd|MLCommand~htpc2~MLFileOpen|Template:Myfilename • setProperty|BackgroundFX~visible~true • setProperty|BackgroundFX~visible~false • setProperty|BackgroundFX~visible~toggle • setProperty|RemoteFX~visible~true • setProperty|RemoteFX~visible~false • setProperty|RemoteFX~visible~toggle • setProperty|OverlayFX~visible~true • setProperty|OverlayFX~visible~false • setProperty|OverlayFX~visible~toggle • Mlhome (Loads user specified Startup Scene from Startup Options Panel) · Dynamic Nested Variable Support {{}} in MLCmd's · Support for Template:Value (for sliders) in MLCmd line · Dynamic Variable support in JPG/SWF field · Dynamic Variable support in MLServeCmd Scene Startup and Exit Fields (also within Overlay Scenes) · Dynamic Variables can be entered into the Link to MainLobby Scene field of the Button Properties Panel · Support for new GuiGraphix Libraries (0021-0030) · New Library Objects · Button0022b · Button0022c · Button0033c · Button0002b · Button0003b · Button0004b · Button0008b · Button0035b · 0000_0001 (Meter) · 0000_0002 · 0000_0003 · 0000_0004 · 0000_0005 · 0000_0006 · 0000_0007 · Button0016 · 0000_0020 · 0000_0021 · 0000_0022 · 0000_0023 · 0000_0024 · 0000_0025 · 0000_0026 · 0000_0027 · logo_excel · logo_powerpoint · logo_outlook · logo_word · Updated Library Objects now Support tinting without tinting label · Button0062d · Button0036 · Button0036b · Button0036c · Button0063g · Button0030 · Button0039 · Button0039b · Button0039c · Button0045e · Button0006 · Button0010 · Button0037 · Button0037b · Button0037c · Button0037d · Button0037e · Button0037j · Button0038 · Button0038c · Button0040 · Button0040b · Button0040c · Button0041 · Button0041b · Button0043 · Button0043b · Button0043c · Button0045elrg · Button0046 · Button0046b · Button0047 · Button0048 · Button0048b · Button0048c • Improved Sorting of Library Panel Thumbnail Objects • New Font: Lithograph • If Library Object not found or does not exist, an image placeholder will appear • Library DropDown in Button Properties Panel remembers which library you last selected • New Keyboard Shortcut: Delete removes selected object • New EDIT button next to OverlayScene field in Scene Options Panel (loads MLS in field) • WARNING: ML will not warn you to save scene before loading the OverlayScene • Dynamic Variable Support included in TEST button in Button Properties Panel • Minimize graphic in upper right corner of Main Menu Bar changed • Zorder now has a Bring To Front and Send To Back option to move Objects on the Stage quickly and easily

Bug Fixes

• ZOrder Panel up arrow was pushing objects to top after a 2.86b+ release • Lock button was causing objects not to be clickable when in launch mode after a 2.86b+ release • Library Panel was disappearing when trying to maximize after being minimized • Monitor.TurnON was not working • Multiple Selection of Objects and Dragging Fixed • AM/PM Library Object wasn't updating properly • JPGLoaderTimed01Second is improved to prevent flickering with IPCameras • Removed Background Skin Gray Flash between scene changes • Text.Singleline Library Object now supports Local Off States • Keyboard for moving selected Objects wasn't working after editing an object • Rotation issues resolved when editing objects • Arrow Keys while in a textfield of the Button Properties Panel was moving selected objects • Replacing scaled Objects was not working properly • Replacing rotated Objects was not working properly • Replacing transparent Objects was not working properly • Lock variable wasn't being removed from deleted objects causing other objects to inherit property • Monitor.TurnOff and Monitor.TurnOn were not working from an OverlayScene · SaveAs button was not saving Local off State Variables • LibraryLogos was updated with missing code • Lock checkbox on Button Properties Panel wasn't working properly • xpos and ypos of Objects were being saved multiple times in the MLS files • Objects on the stage were selected behind Main Menu Bar • When Selecting Sliders in Library Panel, it would grab the object • Zorder panel wasn't highlighting if ML was in Edit Mode • Text.Singleline wasn't displaying the selected area outline during edit/design mode when rotated • Button0001 was the only button that would be added from Library Panel after loading an External JPG/SWF • XM Logo Library wasn't populating Library drop down when selected from Button Properties Panel


• Removed Slinke.ocx and any related Slinke references (Slinke Support included through MLServer) • Any Dynamic Variables in the Label field that were used to load JPGs should now be placed in JPG/SWF field • Modified ImageNotFound library object • Removed All Girder References and Variables (Girder Support included through MLServer) • Updated Copyright Information on AboutUs tab · Renamed LogoDVD to logo_dvd in Logo Library

Known Issues

• Selecting the same object multiple times on the stage will cause exponential movement when using Keyboard arrows in Design mode • A rotated JPG/SWF may produce an incorrect selection outline