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Plugin to support the Polk XRT12 Satellite tuner.



The following paragraphs detail the installation, configuration and usage of the MainLobby / MLServer Polk XRt12 XM receiver Plug-In.

Installation and Configuration

This plug-in is capable of supporting a Polk XRt12 XM receiver attached to a PC serial port or a Global Cache GC100 style serial port.

Serial Cable

The Polk XRt12 requires a straight thru serial cable. Do not use a standard null modem cable since this cable incorporates a twist in the transmit and receive lines.


Copy the MLXRt12.dll file to the MLServer plug-ins folder. This is typically located in the C:\Program Files\MLServer\Plugins folder. After copying the file to the folder you must register the plug-in with Windows. You may use the following command to register the plug-in: RegSvr32 “C:\Program Files\MLServer\Plugins\MLXRt12.dll”


This plug-in must be configured prior to using it in a MainLobby scene. Highlight the MLXRt12 plug-in in MLServer and click on the Settings button to bring up the Polk Audio XRt12 configuration screen. You will be presented with a tabbed dialog box of configuration settings as shown in Figure 1.

The Event Log Tab

This tab is used to collect and view the status of the plug-in while is use. This is a diagnostic feature and is useful during the initial setup of the plug-in. Click on the Start Logging button to enable the display of plug-in events while the plug-in is in use. See Figure 1.

The Configure Tab

Use this tab to configure the serial port that will be used to control the XRt12 receiver. You can use either a PC serial port or a Global Cache serial port. If you use a Global Cache serial port make sure you configure the serial port using the Global Cache web interface. The serial port that is currently enabled will be used to control the receiver. Make sure that the baud rate set in this plug-in matches the baud rate you set on the receiver. See Figure 2. Figure 2

You also have the ability to define a MLServeCmd to be executed whenever the display on the XRt12 changes. You could use this to update the VFD on your PC to reflect current status. The following variables can be used on the command line:

<<XMCHAN>> Current XM channel number - 40

<<XMSTATION>> Current XM station name – Deep Tracks

<<XMGENRE>> Current XM genre - Rock

<<XMARTIST>> Current XM artist – Pink Floyd

<<XMSONG>> Curent XM song title - Time

Supported Commands

Example: MLServeCmd.MLXRt12~command from below

Channel~nnn (1..247) Select channel number

Preset~nn (1..20) Select preset number

GetSong Get current song information

GetChannel Get current channel information

GetHardware Get Hardware ID

GetAntenna Get antenna strength

Mute Mute the receiver

UnMute UnMute the receiver

ChangeDisplay Change display mode

Jump Jump to last channel

Menu Go to menu

MenuUp Menu up

MenuDown Menu down

MenuLeft Menu left

MenuRight Menu right

NextCat Next category

PrevCat Previous category

Up Previous channel, menu option

Down Next channel, menu option

Enter Accept Selection

MLServer Two-Way Support

The XRt12 plug-in automatically polls the receiver for current status. This plug-in will automatically create MLServer variables based upon the reported data.

MLServer Variables

The following variables will be created:

XRt12_Antenna (Good Signal, Marginal Signal, Weak Signal, No Signal)

XRt12_AntennaBars (3,2,1,0)

XRt12_Artist (Current XM Artist)

XRt12_Category (Current XM Genre)

XRt12_ChannelName (Current XM Channel Name)

XRt12_ChannelNumber (Current XM Channel Number)

XRt12_Song (Current XM Song Title)

XRt12_Mute (0,1)