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Plugin for two-way control of the XMRadio Satellite XMPCR hardware device Replaced by XMLobby.dll

Default port 4206 MLServeCmd.MLXMPCR|<<command>>~<<parameters>> Supported commands: TogglePower - turns the unit on/off. ToggleMute - Mutes/Unmutes audio output of the unit. SetChannel~<<channel>> - Sets the channel to the desired channel. ChannelUp - Goes to next channel. ChannelDown - Goes to previous channel. Example: MLServeCmd.MLXMPCR|SetChannel~41 MLServeCmd.MLXMPCR|ToggleMute MLServeCmd.MLRedirect|XPPro::5004::MLServeCmd.MLXMPCR|SetChannel~41 It also supports an MLServeCmd on changes, I'm using: MLServeCmd.Macro|SetVariable|XMArtist~<<XMARTIST>>! SetVariable|XMStation~<<XMSTATION>>! SetVariable|XMSongTitle~<<XMSONGTITLE>> You can create buttons for your favorite stations, channel up/down, etc. and have text boxes display the currently playing song. Additionally, this plug-in will populate variables in MLServer for use in your own scenes: XMSatelliteStrength, XMCurrentArtist, XMCurrentSong, XMCurrentChannelNumber, XMCurrentChannelName


9/25/05: Revised plugin PowerOn / PowerOff when XMPCR is connected not to primary MLServer: MLServeCmd.MLConditional|IsEqual##Template:XM1##1##Macro|MLRedirect||poweroff!SetVariable|XM1~0##Macro|MLRedirect||poweron!SetVariable|XM1~1 Put Template:XM1 in button label and change On / Off States colors to toggle color of button with On / Off