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The W800RF32 family of RF receivers are designed to receive X10 RF signals generated from X10 products: Palm Pad remotes, key chain remotes, and many, many other X10 RF devices.

The W800RF32 then sends these commands directly to your computer's serial(RS232) port. This allows your computer to receive X10 RF commands from remotes directly, without having to broadcast any power line commands, thus minimizing power line clutter and improving home automation response times by bypassing the usual power line delay.

Now these X10 commands can also send MLServeCmd's when received. Which means anything Cinemar can communicate with X10 can too. Open programs, switch MainLobby scenes, control your Russound CAV, sprinklers, trigger Elk outputs, send IR or serial commands through the Global Cache and much more.

Software / Hardware Requirements

MainLobby 2 or 3


MLW800RF Plug-in

Hardware Requirements

WGL Designs W800RF


Send an MLServeCmd based on an X10 command

Assign Aliases to each command

Create an X10 combination unlock code to enable the Plug-in

Adjust X10 command incoming sensitivity to prevent duplicate MLServeCmd's

Communicate and control all other Plug-ins

Event Log for Debugging and viewing all incoming traffic


Use an X10 command to... Open Programs and Applications

Play back music clip based on X10 motion sensors

Turn on Russound Zones or send UNO Keypad controls from Outdoors *

Trigger Outputs for Alarms on your ElkM1 *

Create a wireless whole house remote control

Change Scenes (place an X10 motion sensor next to your touch screen and have scene go to a Default Home Page)

Turn on/off Sprinkler Zones outside the home * (MLRain8Net Plug-In)

Switch XM Stations in XMLobby *

Control Serial or IR devices using the Global Cache *

  • May require additional Plug-In


Download the MLW800RF_Plugin_Setup.exe file.

Shutdown MLServer3

Run the installation file.

Restart MLServer3

License the plugin

Open the Plugin's Settings Window and set the comport that the hardware is plugged into.

Close the Plugins window to save your choices.

Supported MLServeCmds

Supported MLServer Variables


New Feature Requests

The W800RF will receive wireless from the x10 motion sensors. One can use it to fire off MLSpeak for "door" announcements and the like. It can also be used with the x10 door/window sensors with success.