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Plugin to control the USB_UIRT IR transmitter

New Way ==> SendIR~DVD~On:SendIR~DVD~Play Macro TVCHAN = SendIR~TVChannel~{{P0}}~{{P1}}~...~{{Pn}} NOTE: Parameters MUST start with P0 then increment.

When you want to run the macro send the string DoMacro~TVCHAN~1~2~3

Not tested: MLServeCmd.MLUSBUIRT|SendIR~DVD~stop

Q: How do I start a movie in my Sony Changer using my USBUIRT?

A: Make sure you've configured the Changer Location for each movie. Verify the MLUSBUIRT plugin is installed. Create a device called sonychanger1 in the MLUSBUIRT plugin and learn in the necessary IR codes (stop, folderall, enter, play and the number 0 through 9) and be sure to the name them exactly as the command below uses. Then paste this as your Default Play Move MLServeCmd in the MLDVDLobby plugin:




Make sure you are not running any other application that connects to the USB_UIRT (like Homeseer plugin). This will cause MLServer to not startup when the MLUSB_UIRT plugin is enabled.

User contributed hints:

Is your remote sending multiple codes while you hold the button down? To learn the code for an event, you don't need to hold the button down as long as you do to learn the long IR code. Just a quick button press like you would normally do on the remote to control your TiVo will do it.

Here's an example of a Channel Up button for a HR10-250 DirecTiVo:

IR Code (There is a break in the code to make it more readable):




MLUSBUIRT macro named HR10-250~ChannelUp. The 12 character IR event code that was learned is:



and the associated macro is:



So whenever the ChannelUp button is pressed on the remote, the USB-UIRT receives 4348001154F5 which triggers the HR10-250~ChannelUp macro which in turn sends the long IR code that tells the STB to move up one channel. The same thing happens on the touchscreen where you can have a Channel Up button with this in the command line: SENDIR~HR10-250~ChannelUp.

You can have a hard time with learning a remote that is not consistenly sending the correct command (maybe it sends it initially then sends a "repeat" command or something that is different) or there is something else transmitting extraneous IR signals to your USB-UIRT.

Also, when you learn the long IR code, the remote must be within a few inches of the USB-UIRT. To learn the Event codes, it doesn't need to be this close and in fact, better results may be obtained when the remote is farther away.


Note: When using multiple commands in a string you always need a delay (at least 0.1 secs) between each command, otherwise the target device sees the IR as one long, unintelligible command and just ignores it. Thanks Flibblebot.


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