MLTI103 Plugin

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Use this plug-in to control the TI103-RS232 A10 controller

Syntax: MLServeCmd.MLTI103|<<cmd>>~<<device>>



ON~<<device>> [Device On]

OFF~<<device>> [Device Off]

DIM~<<device>> [Device Dim]

BGT~<<device>> [Device Bright]

ALN~<<home>> [All Lights On]

AUF~<<home>> [All Units Off]

ALF~<<device>> [All Lights Off]

PR0~<<device>> [Device Preset Dim 0]

PR1~<<device>> [Device Preset Dim 1]

RAW~<<x10cmd>> [Send X10 command]


MLServeCmd.MLTI103|ON~A01 will turn the X10 device at address A01 On.