MLServer 3.75 Release Notes

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08/21/2009 - Version 3.75.54

  • Includes new MLWorker_Agent that restores Amazon cover art lookups for MusicLobby and DVDLobby.
  • Updates GetImage routines to use MLServer DNS name when looking for local files.
  • Includes new Family Manager routines to support new plugin Family Manager linking protocol.

9/27/2009 Version 3.75.70

  • Modifies the MLServer Macro command to support nested Macros. That is Macros that call other Macros. In order to use this feature all you have to do is modify the macro delimiter on each nested level. The innermost macro will use a single ! as the delimiter. The next layer out will use !! as the delimiter, the next outer layer will use !!!. Macros can be nested up to 4 levels deep with this version.

For example: