MLServer3 Release Notes 2008

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MainLobby3 Server Release Notes for 2008

9/01/2008 - Version 3.0.557

1) Updates iGrid OCX support file.

2) Updates MLTimer plugin. Adds MLTimer|Delete~<<timer#>> function

8/21/2008 - Version 3.0.552

1) Fixes issue with sending hidden server variables to clients.

8/18/2008 - Version 3.0.551

1) Adds updated MLHoroscope plugin.

2) Fixes GetImage / BestFit issue that was not resizing images correctly.

8/14/2008 - Version 3.0.550

1) Fixes WebLobby license validation issue.

2) Adds support for new GuiGraphix and MainLobby Client license processing.

8/04/2008 - Version 3.0.539

1) Adds a new command called "StoreVariables". When executed a copy of the current server variables are written to the database.

7/15/2008 - Version 3.0.527

1) Adds support for DVDLobby 3.75.410 and Windows Media Center Interfaces

5/22/2008 - Version 3.0.513

1) Resolve a GetImage issue where a ? appeared in the remote file name.

5/20/2008 - Version 3.0.512

1) Resolve an issue where /GetImage on a local file would fail with a "Malformed URL" error message.

5/18/2008 - Version 3.0.509

1) Resolves an issue where a corrupt ADO installation could hang MLServer on startup.

5/14/2008 - Version 3.0.508

1) Fixes SetVariable issue when value contains line feeds and carriage returns.

2) Adds ability to define DNS name for User web server.

3) Fixes an issue where a client disconnect could crash the server during a network read operation.

5/08/2008 - Version 3.0.500

1) Slight modifications to the registration manager dialog.

2) Changed user web server client naming convention. The remote web client IP address is used for client name in place of the web session ID. Web pages, especially iPhone / iTouch, will now maintain state between web sessions.

3) Added PNG processing to the GetImage function. MLServer will now properly process cover art stored as PNG files.

4/25/2008 - Version 3.0.491

1) Fixes a truncation issue when editing server variables with long variable values.

2) Fixes an issue some users experienced with sending activation requests via the new License Key manager.

3) Retired the old activation request methods.

4/13/2008 - Version 3.0.488

1) Adds new MLWorker program. Resolves an issue where some users were unable to download Weather and Horoscope information.

4/12/2008 - Version 3.0.485

1) Adds text box on CommandMaps toolbar to allow users to input a client name when testing commands.

2) Modified MLServer startup so that it will no longer steal focus when launching.

3/29/2008 - Version 3.0.481

1) correct small issue with pasting activation codes into registration editor grid

2) Added |NoCache option to web GetImage command. If set will ignore cached images of graphic.

3/24/2008 - Version 3.0.472

1) Updated MLTimer to use alias names or timer number for all commands

3/23/2008 - Version 3.0.469

1) Removed MLHoroscope from base install

2) Updated Ping command to include server variable translation.

3) Added MLScript as a core plugin. Removed 20 script limitation.

3/19/2008 - Version 3.0.466a

1) Server install now includes MLMath version 1.0.3

3/18/2008 - Version 3.0.466

1) Adds updated MLWorker and MLHoroscope files.

2) Update to registration editor. You now cannot issue an activation request without a valid license key.

3/13/2008 - Version 3.0.463

1) Adds new license registration management forms. All license keys and activation codes are now managed in the Product Registration Manager dialog found under MLServer's Help / Manage License Keys menu option. You can now issue activation requests for multiple products at one time without having to fill out the web forms. Pay careful attention to the icons on the toolbar on the Product Registration Manager dialog form.

2) Adds Description field to Command Map Editor.

3) Updated MLWorker to be less CPU intensive especially during times when Internet access is marginal.

4) Updated MLHoroscope will now download on the change of hours.

5) Adds support for sub-families for future plugin development.

6) Many changes to internal routines to boost efficiency.

7) MLServer installer will now test for .NET 2.0 being installed. If .NET 2.0 is not installed the user is instructed to download and install .NET 2.0 before installing MLServer.

This version of MLServer must be installed before installing DVDLobby 3.75, MLTheaterTek, MLPowerDVD and MLArcSoftTMT.

1/29/2008 - Version 3.0.425

1) Resolves an issue with the substitution of nested {{clientname}} variables embedded in server variables.

2) Adds updated MLWorker program that does not consume so much CPU when waiting for data from external websites.

3) Adds a debug option for MLWorker to allow for troubleshooting issues. To turn on MLWorker debugging create a file called MLWorker.Debug and put it in the same folder as MLWorker.exe. It doesn't matter what is in the file. It is the existance of the file that triggers debug mode. When MLWorker is in debug mode a log of all activity will be created in the MLServer logs folder. The name of the log file will be MLWorker-mm-dd-yyy.log. When you want to turn off logging for MLWorker simply delete the MLWorker.debug file.

1/19/2008 - Version 3.0.421

1) Removes iPhone web examples from server install. iPhone examples move to the DVDLobby 3.75 installer.

2) Fixes an issue where users could not export collapsed command maps.

3) Fixes an issue where server event logs where not being deleted after x days.

4) Fixes an issue where a client disconnect while processing a MLCmd would cause MLServer to terminate.

5) Adds MLPing|{{some IP address}} as a new MLServer command. The ping is done as a MLWorker process and the results are returned in a server variable called server_{{some IP address}}_internetstate. The value will be 0 (not pingable) or 1 (pingable).

1/5/2008 - Version 3.0.416

1) Fixes an issue with a blank line being added in macro editor when you clicked on the last macro in the list.

2) Adds Edit icon to macro editor toolbar.

3) Adds new MLServer command MLBackup. When this command is executed a MLWorker process is spawned that will backup the current state of the MLServer registry, all the database files in the MLServer folder, all the ini files in the MLServer folder and all the database files in the data folder. All of these files are zipped into one file and placed in the backups folder. The naming convention of the backup file is This command is also available via the Tools / Server Backup menu option.

4) Adds the new MLInstaller process for downloading software. The MLServer Check for Additional Software menu option will now launch the new MLInstaller application. This introduces a more powerful mechanism for downloading and installing software products. Here are some docs for how to use it MainLobby Suite Installer

5) Adds iPhone / iTouch demo web pages. This demo includes a dynamic web page for Weather and a complete version of DVDLobby 3.75 running on the Safari browser in the iPhone. To view these pages you must have at least WeatherLobby 3.0.129 and DVDLobby 3.75.153 running on your MLServer PC. The main entry point URL is http://yourserveripaddress/iPhone/index.html. The remote control page has been configured for controlling Theatertek. This is a proof of concept web application to show what capabilities exist using MLServer's built in web server and modern web browsers. This demo is specifically for the iPhone / iTouch. Other web browsers do not support all the same feature set as the iPhone and will not accurately display the web pages.