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The MLRussoundST2 plugin provides for control over the Russound ST2 tuner when the tuner is connected to the MLServer3 PC via a serial cable. RNET is not supported.

Sirus Tuner must be Source #1 on your CAV/CAM for plugin to work.

Software Requirements

MainLobby Server 3 v 3.0.136 or newer

MainLobby 3 Client

MLRussoundST2 plugin v 3.0.6 or later

Supported Hardware

Russound ST2 Tuner

Supports XM receiver on the combo tuner/xm unit.

Serial Cable (straight extension cable – not Null Modem)


Install MRussoundST2

1. Install MLRussoundST2 plugin on the PC running MLServer 3 and that will be connected via serial cable to the Russound ST2.

2. Shutdown MLServer 3

3. Download and launch the MLRussoundST2_Setup.exe

4. Restart MLServer 3 and make sure the MLRussoundST2 plugin shows enabled.

5. Right click on the MLRussoundST2 plugin and configure the comport settings as 19,200 baud, 8, N, 1.

You are now ready to configure your MainLobby scene to control the ST2!

Supported Commands



TUNE_UP~Source_1 or 2

TUNE_DOWN~Source_1 or 2

DIGIT~Source_1 or 2~#

SAVE_PRESETS~Source_1 or 2~# (1 thru 6)

PRESET_UP~Source_1 or 2

PRESET_DOWN~Source_1 or 2

SELECT_PRESET~Source_1 or 2~# (1 thru 6)

BANK_UP~Source_1 or 2

BANK_DOWN~Source_1 or 2

SELECT_BANK~Source_1 or 2~# (1 thru 6)

SEEK~Source_1 or 2

SCAN~Source_1 or 2

BAND_TOGGLE~Source_1 or 2

BAND_FM~Source_1 or 2

BAND_AM~Source_1 or 2

STEREO_TOGGLE~Source_1 or 2

STEREO~Source_1 or 2

MONO~Source_1 or 2

LOCAL_TOGGLE~Source_1 or 2

LOCAL ~Source_1 or 2

DISTANT~Source_1 or 2

CATEGORY_UP~Source_1 or 2

CATEGORY_DOWN~Source_1 or 2



SET_CHANNEL~Source_1 or 2~####


XMLobby Integration. You can control the ST2-XM via the XMLobby interface by creating "Automation Rules" against the XMLobby variables. For example, "Whenever xmcurrentchannelnumber changes value Then MLRussoundST2|SET_CHANNEL~Source_1~{ {xmcurrentchannelnumber} }". This will change the ST2-XM station when you select a station via the XMLobby screen. This allows you to use the functionality of XMLobby which shows what is playing on each station and cover art.