MLRS232Send Plugin

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Plugin Syntax:

MLServeCmd.MLRS232Send|<<HEX/ASCII>>~<<COM Port>>~<<Port missing rest of command

Plugin About:

This is a one-way plug-in to send ASCII/HEX characters out a designated serial port on the server for controlling external hardware devices.

Supported commands: HEX/ASCII - designates how the information should be send to the serial port

COM Port is the serial port you would like to send the information out.

Settings are the port settings necessary to communicate with your device (refer to device documentation for details). Settings are in the form: (baud,parity,data bits,stop bits)


MLServeCmd.MLRS232Send|HEX~1~9600,n,8,1~AA BB CC DD EE FF~0 sends 'AA BB CC DD EE FF' as a HEX command out COM Port 1 with the designated settings.