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MLNetCallerID allows for a NetCallerID hardware device to be used to intercept callerid data from a phone line that supports callerID. This is used instead of a PC modem when used with MLCallerID plugin.

Better than a modem, is to use the NetCallerID hardware. This device is very reliable, and allows for CallerID detection even when you are using the phone.

Plugin Description

Driver to allow MainLobby clients to receive CallerID information on incoming calls and view a log of recent calls. Caller pictures can be displayed by turning PictureID on and placing a jpg file with the users phone number as the file name (ie, 8005551212.jpg). Users may also send any MLServeCmd when the phone rings. You may setup a default MLServeCmd to send or attach an MLServeCmd to each alias to send when a particular caller is caller.Users may retrieve the call log by sending MLServeCmd.MLCallerID|GET to the server. The log will only be open on the client requesting. You may also create/edit as many 'aliases' as you want to display a user-defined name when a particular number calls.


Hardware Installation

Do not install any software the comes with the NetCallerID hardware.

Plug the NetCallerID hardware comport into a motherboard comport (preferable to a usb to comport adapter to reduce communications issues, especially when initially getting things to work).

Plug the phone service line (what a telephone would normally be plugged into) into the NetCallerID port. The other NetCallerID port can be connected to a telephone.

Plug in the power cord that comes with the NetCallerID to the device.

If you want to monitor multiple phone lines, you can install multiple NetCallerID boxes (one per phone line). Each NetCallerID requires a seperate comport.

Make sure that you have the com port set for 4800,n,8,1 and no flow control. These settings are in Device Manager / comports / properties.

Software Installation

Install the plugin on the PC that is running the Primary MLServer 3 and the MLCallerID plugin. Once the plugin is installed, enable it in the Plugins Window. Then, click on Settings and pick the comport that the NetCallerID hardware is connected to. Note: you should not install the software that comes with the NetCallerID hardware. Also note that the MLNetCallerID plugin should be the only plugin to be connected to this comport, as comports cannot be shared between software applications.

When using the MLNetCallerID plugin, the MLCallerID plugin should NOT be set for Connect on Startup. Power on Startup SHOULD be enabled.

Supported MLServeCmds








Delete~<<CALL #>>