MLMusicPlayer Plugin

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Plugin About

Plugin Syntax

MLMusicPlayer|<<command>>~<<Opt: attributes>>

Plug-In to allow MainLobby clients to play back audio files on the server. You can play files by calling their full path or creating an alias (ie, Test = C:\Program Files\MLServer\sounds\test.mp3). You may have as many user-defined aliases as you would like. Double-clicking an alias in the 'Settings' dialog will play that alias.

Supported commands

PAUSE - toggles Pause




VOLUMESET~<<pct>> - set volume 0 to 100

Balance~<<value>> -100 is left, 100 is right

MUTE - toggles mute

PLAY~<<file/alias>> - plays the designated file (full path) or alias

MLMusicPlayer|LOOP~filename or LOOP~aliasname - loops same file over and over.

MLMusicPlayer|Stop - Stops a looped file from playing over and over.



MLMusicPlayer|PLAY~C:\Program Files\MLServer\sounds\test.mp3 (using a file name)

MLMusicPlayer|PLAY~test (using an alias)