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MLinFusion Plug-in for MLServer Verson 1.0

Plugin to Communicate with Vantage inFusion Controller

Setup: Open the inFusion plug-in settings window from the plug-in's panel in MLServer.

In the IPAddress text bos enter the ipAddress of the inFusion controller. (Be sure to assign the controler a static ip Address)

Under "Design Center filename" browse to the path of the design center file (*.dc) used to program the inFusion controller. Be sure this file remains in that location as the inFusion plug-in reads the file at startup. The file may change, but must be reloaded for the new items to be indentified.

That's it for setup!

MLServer Variables - the infusion plug-in will create MLServer variables for all loads, contact-inputs, etc. identified in the Design Center file. The Variables will have the name "MLinFusion_VID" where "VID" is the Vantage ID number assigned by the inFusion Design Center

MLServer Commands:

(note: some commands are redundant for consistancy with other MLLighting plug-ins)

MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|Set~VID~value~ramptime OR MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|Load~VID~value~ramptime

Sets the load with the specified "VID" to the specified "value" "ramptime" is an optional parameter specifying the rate

MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|RampLoad~VID~value~ramptime Ramps a load with the specified "VID" to the specified "value" with the specified "ramptime"

MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|Toggle~VID Toggles the load with the specified "VID" on & off

MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|SetVariable~VID~value Sets a variable with the specified "VID" to the specified "value"

MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|On~VID Turns the load with the specified "VID" on

MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|Off~VID Turns the load with the specified "VID" off

MLServeCmd.MLinFusion|Task~VID~mode Executes a task with the specified "VID" Mode is an optional parameter defining the task execution mode (see inFusion documentation)

MLServecmd.MLinFusion|BTN~VID Emulates a button press & release of the button with the specified VID

Thermostat Support:



MLInfusion|SetThermOp~VID~Value (value is HEAT/COOL/AUTO/OFF)

MLInfusion|SetThermFan~VID~Value (value is ON/AUTO)

MLInFusion|SetThermDay~VID~Value (Value is DAY/NIGHT)