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This plug-in downloads daily horoscopes and populates MLServer variables for use in MainLobby scenes.


What is the MLHoroscope Application?

MLHoroscope is a to add horoscope information to your MainLobby setup. The MLHoroscope application consists of:

1 the MLHoroscope plugin v. 1.0.8

2 the MLHoroscope.swf user interface

3 the Users Guide (this wiki document)

MLHoroscope Application

MLHoroscope Setup

Download installer:

Right Click - Save file as

Plug-In Setup

1. Run the MainLobby Installer and check the MLHoroscope plugin installation. Restart MainLobby Server. The plugin should be displayed in the Plugins window and Enabled with the checkbox checked.

2. Alternatively, Download the MLHoroscope dll and copy MLHoroscope.dll to your Program Files\MLServer\plugins directory

3. Register MLMLHoroscope.dll Start -> Run -> regsvr32.exe C:\Program Files\MLServer\plugins\MLHoroscope.dll

4. Press when registration is confirmed

5. Restart MainLobby Server

6. In a minute or so, if the MLServer PC is connected to the Internet, the MLHoroscope plugin will create variables named: horoscope_aquarius and similar for the other 11 signs.


CustomLibrary03.swf gets installed to the Cinemar\Library directory. You must restart the Mainlobby Client once installed to be able to view the horoscope graphics in a scene.

Using MLHoroscope

1. Copy the MLHoroscope files to your Program Files\Cinemar directory; including:

Program Files\Cinemar\

Program Files\Cinemar\ and the other 11 signs.

2. Launch MainLobby and open 0019_horoscopes.mlsto begin using MLHoroscope.

3. You can create your own scenes by adding a button and putting {{horoscope_aries}} in the label field of a Text Button. This will then display today horoscope for that sign.

4. If you add a Icon from the Customer03 library like SP201_aries, you will see the astrology sign icon.

Uses this for source: at IP


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