MLGirder Plugin

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Plugin Syntax:

MLServeCmd.MLGirder|<<event>>~<<Opt: payload1>>~<<Opt: payload2>>~<<Opt: payload3>>

Plugin About:

Plug-In for MLServer allowing you to send girder events directly to girder from connected clients.

NOTE: You must have the path to gireventlib.dll in your system path directory for this to work correctly. This is accomplished by adding the path to the System PATH variable in Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables and editing, or moving girdereventlib.dll to your system directory (ie, C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32). This plug-in only works on Girder 3.26+. GIRDER EVENTS ARE CASE SENSITIVE. You must have Internet Event Server enabled in Girder for this plug-in to communicate with Girder.