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Plugin Syntax

MLServeCmd.MLFileOpen|<<file>>~<<Opt: parameters>>~<<Opt: windowstate>>

Plugin About

Plug-in to allow MainLobby clients to remotely execute or open files on the server. Files will be opened using the default program. This command takes three arguments: file to open and, optionally, command-line parameters and state to open window.

Example: MLServeCmd.MLFileOpen|notepad.exe~C:\textfile.txt~1

Window States (optional)

0 - Hidden

1 - Normal with Focus

2 - Minimized with focus

3 - Maximized with focus

4 - Normal without focus

6 - Minimized without focus

Sending Macros

MLServeCmd.Macro|MLFileOpen|notepad. exe!MLPause|3!MLWindowFunctions|Notepad~SENDKEYS~Hello

Just seperate each command with an ! and use MLPause|x seconds to time things correctly.

Allows for running files on the PC. Used as example for launching other applications on the PC. File Open Example:

MLServeCmd.Macro|MLFileOpen|subst~Z: /D~0!MLFileOpen|subst~Z: "N:\Video\<<TITLE>>\Video_TS"~0!MLPause|.5!MLFileOpen|C:\Program Files\Zoom Player\zplayer.exe~/DVD /PLAY

File Open with Redirect


MLServeCmd.MLFileOpen|C:\Program Files\Cinemar\kwd_5900_ctrl.exe~1 PLAYDISC <<COLLECTIONNUMBER>>~0

Shows trailers in MediaPlayer

MLServeCmd.Macro|MLFileOpen|c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe~<<TRAILERFILE>>&videokbrate=300&customerid=97135

Good Test (from Run command): "c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"

Update 11/8/05 – for use with MainLobby 2.89p2 or later FileOpen from client without secondary

MLServer running on client

From MLServeCmd line:


Where myfilename is a variable in MLServer and could equal notepad or full path name.

Where htpc2 is the name of the computer

Where MLCommand should not be changed

Where MLFileOpen is case sensitive


From MLServeCmd line:


Or From MLCMD line: MLFileOpen|notepad

This will NOT work from MLCMD line: MLFileOpen|{{myfilename}}

The text MLFileOpen is case sensitive.