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What is MLEmail Plugin?

MLEmail is an MLServer Plugin application designed for the MainLobby suite of products. It expands the capabilities of MainLobby by introducing Outlook managed received emails into the MainLobby user interface.

MLOutlook Outlook Addin (installed on the Outlook PC) can be installed on the same machine as MainLobby client or on any other PC on the network. The MainLobby Server MLOutlook Plugin is installed on the Primary MLServer PC.

Overall, here is how it works

•Your email is routinely managed in Outlook.

•The MLOutlook Addin is triggered by Outlook on receiving an email to send that email to the MLServer3 contact.mdb database that is accessible to MLServer3.

•Within MLServer3, the MLEmail plugin takes this mdb and creates variables in MLServer that a MainLobby Client PC can display.

•On the MainLobby client PC, the scene is opened and displays a default view of your incoming emails. You can then resort, filter email by first letter, Page up and down the list, and select an individual email for viewing.

. MLEmail also supports sending of configured MLServeCmds when an "Important" email is received.

. MLEmail provides for the ability to send via a special email subject line, an MLServeCmd to be processed by MainLobby Server. With this capability, you can trigger commands from anywhere on the Internet.

System Requirements

Outlook System Requirements

MLOutlook Installation Guide

Outlook Installation

MLEmail Plugin Configuration

1. The MLEmail plugin requires licensing and activation after the 30 day trial period. Right click on the MLEmail Plugin and select Registration to add this information.

4. Open the MLEmail plugin in the MLServer3 Plugins window by right clicking on the plugin and selecting Settings.

5. If MLServer3 and Outlook are running, send a test email message to yourself.

6. Open the MLEmail Plugin Settings window. You should see your new email in the Email tab.

Email Tab

Your received email should be listed here if you had the Addin send it. On the bottom is a Labels per Page field. This is set to determine how many contacts are shown in a single page that then is refreshed with the next page of contacts with a PageUp or PageDown command.

You can clear the contacts.mdb data email tables of all history by clicking Clear Table. You can also clear all current MLEmail variables in MLServer by clicking Clear Variables.

Settings Tab

Here you can configure an MLServeCmd to process when an email comes in tagged with Low / Normal or High Importance. This can be used for notification of an email.

The Enable Subject Line Command Processing field when checked, allows for an MLServeCmd to be processed when an email is received with special subject line formatting. A password is required for security.

The Use Quick Variable Creation option uses the SetVariableFast method of updating variables. The variables will be fast, but will not be sent to the MLServer Automation Event processor.

Mail Providers Tab

On this tab, the Outlook Addins on your one or several PCs will be displayed here.

You can force the list to be reset and the port to be reconnected by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Events Tab

You can view plugin processing in this window and copy to the Windows clipboard.

Sample Scenes Description

The MainLobby Client MLOutlook installer puts an example email scene in the Cinemar directory (by default). Open the You should see your email listings.

This sample scene demonstrates the ability to scroll up / down

Email MLServeCmds Processing

MLEmail has the capability to process a MLServeCmd when a properly formatted email Subject line is received.

Sample format:


Within the MLEmail MLServer plugin Settings tab, check the enable button and type the password that will be used (12345 in the above example). Passwords are case sensitive.

You can create draft emails for common MLServer functions that you can then send on an as needed basis. For example save an email command to set the house to "Home" mode and send that email from your Blackburry or PocketPC or iPhone when you are coming home from vacation. You might have macros to set the thermostat to normal temps, turn on the normal lighting schedule, raise the temperature of the hot tub, or whatever. You can create MLServer3 CommandMaps with easy to remember Map names and invoke them from the email subject line.

MLServer Variables


Once the MLOutlook Addin and the MLEmail plugin are running, Outlook has to receive an email for there to be one in MLServer's variable list.


Feature Requests

Release Notes

May 4, 2008

Plugin released to production