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Welcome to the MLDrinkFinder Plugin. This Plugin will allow MainLobby users to search for drink recipes.


•MLServer 3

•MLDrinkFinder Plugin

•MainLobby 3


Getting Started


1. Shutdown MLServer 3

2. Download and run the MLDrinkFinder_Plugin.exe file on the Primary MLServer 3 PC

3. Start the MLServer 3 application.

4. Open the Plugins window and make sure that the MLDrinkFinder plugin is Enabled. If not, select it and restart MLServer 3

5. Shutdown MainLobby3 Client

6. Run the MLDrinkFinder_Client_Setup.exe file

7. Restart MainLobby Client and navigate to the Cinemar\Content\1024x768\ file

8. Click on the Find button. The onscreen keyboard should appear.

9. Type your wanted drink name and click Save

10. Click the Find button. You will soon see one or more of your recipes, if you typed the drink name correctly and there is a match on the online database.

11. Select one of the returned drink names. You should now see it's ingredients and recipe!

12. Enjoy!

Cinemar urges you to drink responsibly and use all recipes found on the site in moderation. Cinemar Solutions Inc. cannot take any responsibility for any harm or effects resulting from the use of information provided by this site. Use of the content provided by MLDrinkLobby is the sole responsibility of the user.

MLDrinkFinder recipes are intended only for people of legal drinking age where they live.

Cinemar Solutions, Inc. does not support misuse of alcohol, including excessive consumption, binge drinking, or drinking and driving. It has been proven that excessive drinking can cause serious physical harm. Please drink responsibly.


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