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MLDVDQuery Plugin Version 1.2.1

This version has been expanded to allow you to query ANY of the database fields across all tables. It also has the ability populate variables with random trivia (and associated movie title and cover) on a user defined interval. The User can also select if multiple return records should be stored in a single variable with a user defined separator, or in multiple variables with an integer appended to the end (example: dvd_title_1, dvd_title_2). In addition, the user can setup multiple dsn’s to for multiple DVDLobby DB (in case you are using more than one host) and then can set which of these to use for querying.

Finally, two new UI features have been added. You are now able to execute DVDQuery commands within the tester and view the sql and output variables produced. Also, by clicking on the “View SQL” button, you can view the result set and sql executed by any lookup command issued. If you leave the window open, the data will be updated in real time. Although the usefulness of these two features are limited at this time, I am including it to get users use to the future “DatabaseQuery” plugin, that will allow users to create and manage their own database tables and queries.

Complete Command List: Location, FileName, LastAdded, StartRandomTrivia, StopRandomTrivia, UseSequential, UseSeperator, SetSeperator, SetDSN

Below are a few of the commands you are able to use along with a complete list of commands and available database fields.

“Lookup” Commands: The syntax of the command is as Follows MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|Method~DBField~Result Variable~Param1~Param2~ParamN…

MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|Location~title~dvd_title~Template:Changer location~Template:Changer Number MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|LastAdded~title~10

“Non Lookup” Commands: The syntax of the command is as Follows MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|Method~Param1~Param2~ParamN…

MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|StartRandomTrivia~10 (10 = number of seconds before info updates) MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|StopRandomTrivia MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|SetDSN~DVDLobby

MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|UseSequential (lookups with multiple records will be output as varname_1, varname_2, varname_n)

MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|UseSeperator (lookups with multiple records will be output as a single variable in the form of “record_1, record_2, record_3, …, record_n)

MLServeCmd.MLDVDQuery|SetSeperator~, (used to override the default record separator. Default is a single white space. In this example, a “,” will be used.)

Available Database Fields:

Title, SortTitle, UPC, Collection Type, Rating, ProductionYear, Released, RunningTime, CaseType, Overview, Notes, PurchaseDate, FormatAspectRatio, FormatVideoStandard, CollectionNumber, ChangerNumber, ChangerLocation, FrontImageURL, RearImageURL, File, TrailerFile, TriviaFact, GenreName, StudioName, FirstName, LastName, FullName

Initial Setup Steps:

For the plugin to work you will NEED to create an ODBC data source name (DSN) on the machine you are running the plugin on.

To create one, go to the control panel, select "Data Sources (ODBC)", may be under "Administrative Tools" if using WinXP.

Click "Add...", select "Microsoft Access Driver", click "Finish". Under Data Source Name, enter "DVDLobby", then click "Select" and browse to find the "dvd.mdb" file that is in the \mlserver\data\ directory. Then click "OK"