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The MLAutoPatchHY plugin supports Autopatch brand matrix switchers that follow the same communication protocol as the HY series of switchers.

12/8/2006 Plugin written by Tracy Lemar for Cinemar Solutions, Inc.

Software and Hardware Requirements


MLAutoPatchHY plugin

AutoPatch HY, 4Y or Precis series switcher with serial control option

Support for up to 4 channels.


Download and run the MLAutoPatchHY_Setup.exe file on the primary MLServer3 PC that is attached to the AutoPath serial connection.

Restart MLServer3 and right click on the MLAutoPatchHY in the Plugins Window and click Settings.

Configure the plugin to the comport that the AutoPatch is plugged into. Recommended is to use the motherboard's serial connection initially until the communication is proven. Then, you can move the serial port to a USB to serial or PCI to serial adapter (if needed).

MLAutoPatchHY plugin requires Cinemar software License and Activation to the PC it is installed on after the 30 day trial period. See MLServer3 documentation for how to license and activate a plugin.











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