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ArcSoft Total Media Theater

ArcSoft Total Media Theater is one of the first DVD Players to support HD and BluRay movies. Using DVDLobby you can launch movies in ArcSoft Total Media Theater on any networked PC.

There are some minimum requirements for this to work.

  • Install the ArcSoft TMT application on any networked PC
  • Install MLArcSoftTMT Agent on the same PC as the ArcSoft application software from step above
  • Install SlySoft's Virtual Clone Drive on same PC as the ArcSoft application software if you intend to playback files in .iso format.
  • Install MLArcSoftTMT Plugin on your MLServer PC

The MLArcSoftTMT plugin provides one way control over ArcSoft software HD / BluRay DVD player. The plugin can send commands to the MLArcSoftTMT_Agent utility running on a PC over your home network.

It is reported that ArcSoftTMT may not run on 64bit OS's.


Downloading the Plugin and Agent

(note: pictures may not be for this particular plugin installation, but are typical of what you would see).

  1. From MLServer, select Help
  2. Select Cinemar Installation Assistant
  3. From the Cinemar Installation Assistant window, check the box next to MLArcSoftTMT and MLArcSoftTMT_O located in the Drivers section
    Arcsoft agent install.cia.jpg

  4. Press Download Selected
  5. Close MLServer by selecting from the main menu SERVER then EXIT
    Locate MLServer's Downloaded Files folder
  6. Right click on Windows Start
  7. Select Explore
  8. In your Address Bar, type: C:\Program Files\MLServer\Products

Installing the Plugin

The MLArcSoftTMT Plugin should be installed on the same system as MLServer. It communicates to the MLArcSoft Agent running locally or on a networked PC.

  1. Double Click on MLArcSoftTMT_Plugin_Setup.exe
  2. Press Next >
    Arcsoft plugin install.04.jpg

  3. Select the radio button next to I accept the agreement
    Arcsoft plugin install.03.jpg

  4. Press Next > again to install to the default location: C:\Program Files\MLServer or C:\Program Files (x86)\MLServer
    Arcsoft plugin install.02.jpg

  5. Select Finish to exit the Installation Wizard
    Arcsoft plugin install.01.jpg

  6. Now startup MLServer

Installing the Agent

We recommend installing the ArcSoft TMT application before installing the Agent. The MLArcSoftTMT Agent should be installed on any networked or local PC that is running the ArcSoftTMT application. So wherever you install the actual ArcSoftTMT application, you will also need to install the MLArcSoftTMT Agent.

  1. Double Click on MLArcSoftTMT_Agent_Setup.exe
  2. Press Next >
    Arcsoft agent install.01.jpg

  3. Press Next > again to install to the default location: C:\Program Files\Cinemar\Agents or C:\Program Files (x86)\Cinemar\Agents
    Arcsoft agent install.02.jpg

  4. Press Next >
    Arcsoft agent install.03.jpg

  5. Select Finish to exit the installation wizard and start the MLArcSoftTMT Agent
    Arcsoft agent install.04.jpg

  6. Press Allow access if your Windows Firewall prompts you with this message
    Arcsoft agent install.05.jpg


Configuring the Agent

The MLArcSoftTMT Agent does not require much if any configuration once installed. The Setup Tab should look very similar to the figure below:

Arcsoft agent setup tab.jpg

Note the caption on the window reads MLArcSoftTMT Agent listening DELLXPS. DELLXPS identifies the computer name the Agent is running on. This computer name should be entered into the MLArcSoftTMT Plugin's Host field in MLServer.

  • Listen on TCP port
    Should only be changed by advanced users and should not need to be changed.
  • Minimize application on start
    Minimizes the Agent window after loading
  • Start event logging on start
    Turns on logging after loading in the Logging Tab
  • ArcSoft TMT Location
    The ArcSoft TMT Location may vary slightly from depending upon where you installed the application.
  • Daemon Tools or Virtual Clone Drive Location
    The Virtual Clone Drive Location may not appear if you did not install SlySoft's Virtual Clone Drive. This application is only required if you intend to playback .iso format files.
  • Launch Delay
    You may need to increase the Launch Delay when playing back .iso files in order to allow enough time for the virtual drive to be mounted.

When a successful connection is made between the MLArcSoftTMT Agent and the MLArcSoftTMT Plugin, the Agent Sessions Tab will look similar to the figure below with the Activity status Connected:
Arcsoft agent sessions tab.jpg

Configuring the Plugin

  1. From MLServer, select View
  2. Select Plugins
  3. Double-click on the MLArcSoftTMT Plugin to open the Settings Window

The MLArcSoftTMT Plugin comes pre-configured to communicate to an Agent running on the same PC as MLServer:
Arcsoft plugin settings.01.jpg

Let's assume we have a PC running ArcSoft TMT and the MLArcSoftTMT Agent with a computer Name of MLPMini. We simply need to add another ID to open communication to the Agent on MLPMini.

  1. Press ADD
  2. Enter MLPMini in the HOST field (Your Computer Name should be entered here and not MLPMini)
  3. If the Agent is running and no Firewalls are blocking port 6294, your Status should change to Connected like the figure below

Arcsoft plugin settings.02.jpg

Here are some common issues to look for when not getting a connection from the MLArcSoftTMT Plugin to the Agent:

  • Agent is not running
  • Firewall is blocking port 6294
  • Incorrect Host (Computer Name)

Configuring MLCycleSates - MovieZones

Now it's time to configure the MLCycleStates MovieZones to reference all Agents you've configured. If MLServer, the MLArcSoftTMT Agent and the ArcSoftTMT application are all running on the same PC you may skip this section since our system ships this way out-of-the-box.

  1. From MLServer, Select View
  2. Select Plugins
  3. Double-Click on MLCycleStates
  4. Scroll down to MovieZones and select the text
    Continuing with our example above, we are assuming a PC running the ArcSoftTMT application with a computer name of MLPMINI is going to be our movie player
  5. Press Click here to add a new State
  6. Enter MLPMini in the Label Field
  7. Copy / Paste the MLServer Command from the first Row into the 2nd row of the MLServer Command field
  8. Change the text to: Macro|SetVariable|media_{{clientname}}_activeplayer~2!SetVariable|media_{{clientname}}_activezone~MLPMINI
    Mlcyclestates moviezones.jpg
  9. Continue adding more MovieZones if you plan to have additional movie players on your network

Configuring the MLDVDLobby Plugin

For complete details on configuring the DVDLobby Plugin and adding movies, visit the DVDLobby 3.90 Instructions

The only requirement, is that your movies are defined and/or imported to Play Using ArcSoftTMT.

  1. From MLServer, Double-Click on the MLDVDLobby Plugin
  2. Double-Click on a Movie Title
  3. Select the Discs Tab
  4. Make sure the Plays Using drop-down is set to ArcSoftTMT

Dvdlobby plays using.jpg

Configuring the Target Movie Zone (Playback PC) from the DVDLobby User Interface

Now that we've configured everything, we can open up MainLobby and navigate to the DVDLobby User Interface.

  1. From MainLobby press F9 to reveal the MainLobby Menu Bar
  2. Press Open
  3. Locate your Cinemar Movies Content Folder - typically: C:\Program Files\Cinemar\Content\0019\1024x768\Movies\ and find the file
  4. Press the symbol that looks like a Wrench to enter the SETTINGS screen
  5. In the left column, you will see a Right and Left Arrow next to SELECT MOVIE PLAY LOCATION. Press the right arrow to scroll through the various MOVIE PLAY LOCATION's that have been configured via the MLCYCLEStates MovieZones database. Once satisfied, you can return to the Thumbnail Screen by pressing the BACK button in the lower left corner.
    Dvdlobby select movie play location.jpg
  6. Select a Movie Thumbnail
  7. Select PLAY MOVIE
  8. Confirm by pressing the green PLAY MOVIE button
    Assuming all connections and configurations are correct, your movie should launch and play on the designated PC running the ArcSoftTMT application.

Sample Play Movie Commands for various formats: Standard, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD

Standard Definition DVD

Method A:

Enter full path to the VIDEO_TS.IFO file.


Method B:

Enter full path to the VTS_01_0.IFO file.


Method C:

Create a playlist using PowerDVD and in DVDLobby movie path enter the full path of your playlist file.



Method A:

Enter full path to the index.bdmv file.


Method B:

Enter full path to the Folder.


Method C:

Enter full path to the ISO Image File.



Method A:

Enter full path to the DISCID.DAT file.


Method B:

Enter full path to the VPLST000.XPL file.


Supported Commands


Available commands:
STOP - Stops playback
PLAY - Resumes Playing
PLAYMOVIE~MovieFile~DefaultPlayer - Loads ArcSoft with the specified movie and optionally uses player #1 or #2 (It will use the player marked as the default player if no player is specified)
PAUSE - Pauses playback
PCHAP - Returns to previous chapter
PFRAME - Goes to previous frame
DVDMENU - Accesses all available DVD menus
POPMENU - Accesses the Pop-Up Menu
ASTREAM - Switches among available audio streams
CAP - Captures video content as bitmap image file
REPEAT - Repeats the last dialog
MUTE - Mute volume
NCHAP - Jumps to next chapter
NFRAME - Goes to next frame
SUBTITLE - Switches among available subtitles
VOLUP - Increase Volume
VOLDN - Decrease volume
WINDOW - Switches to full screen and back to windows mode
LEFT - Menu Left
RIGHT - Menu Right
UP - Menu Up
DOWN - Menu Down
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, - Number pad
KMODE - Switches among karaoke modes
LDIALOG - Repeats the last dialogANGLE - Switches among available angles
REV - Reverse at incremental speeds
FWD - Forward at incremental speeds
POFF - Shut down ArcSoft TMT
PON - Launch ArcSoft TMT
ROOT - Go to DVD root menu
RTN - Go up/return to root menu

MLServer Variables