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MLServer 4.0 Irrigation App

Used in conjunction with MLServer 4 the Irrigation App is the central controller for water control. This app supports the following feature set:

  • Supports and unlimited number of individually controlled irrigation zones
  • Support 8 separate Irrigation programs
  • Each program supports 8 individual start times, At a time, at Sunrise, Sunset, Before or After Sunrise, Sunset
  • Flexible program schedule by day of week, even odd days, or day intervals
  • Monitors current weather conditions and allows program skipping if rain is forecast or recently occurred


Stop MLServer and use the Cinemar Installation Assistant to install the Irrigation App.


You must have device drivers installed that are members of the Control Family of devices. e.g. Rain8, HAI, and any device capable of relay control.


Settings Tab
Irrigation Settings.png

Here is where you define the zip or postal code for your location. This entry will be used to pull in weather forecast information that can be used to help control the irrigation programs.

Once the postal code is set you can then choose to select which rules you want in effect. If you have water sensors then select the Skip Program if Sensor Tripped option. If you want to skip programs if you recently had measured rainfall then adjust the other values to match your rules and enable them by checking the appropriate check box.


Zones Tab
Irrigation Zones.png

Here is where you define the individual irrigation zones in your system. Use the toolbar to add a zone then fill in the fields on the grid for the new zone. The "Control Device" is a link to the Control Family device that is responsible for controlling the zone. The "Device Relay" is an optional parameter that some Control devices require. The Rain8 driver is a good example. A single Rain8 controller is capable of controlling up to 256 relays. You would specify each of the Rain8 relays as an individual relay. In the example image above a single Rain8 controller is being used. If your control device does not support multiple relays then set this value to Relay #1.

If the Control Family device is a water sensor or associated with a master valve then make sure to check the appropriate check box.

Program Control

Irrigation UI.png

All the Irrigation programming is done in the User Interface. The Sample MainLobby scenes contain a complete set of scenes for full Irrigation control and setup. The scenes are laid out in a logical fashion. First time users should start by selecting the "Define Watering Schedule" option from the main Irrigation page.