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MainLobby supports a plugin architecture that allows for 3rd party developers to add new functionality to the Suite.

To receive various example plugin shells and to gain access to the Developer's Wiki content, send an email to
info at cinemaronline dot com

Cinemar Forum Name
Phone number
Email Address
Why you are interested in developing a MainLobby plugin.
What plugins you are interested in developing (to support what hardware or what new capability).

All plugins developed have to incorporate Cinemar's software licensing mechanism for the plugin to continue to function with subsequent MainLobby core software releases.

Upon receipt of your request, Cinemar will review your needs. If approved, you will be sent a Non Disclosure / Non Compete contract to review and sign. The signed copy should be faxed and mailed to Cinemar.

Cinemar Solutions Inc.

Link to Software Development Home