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DVDLobby375 WMC Edition (Windows Media Center) is a movie catalog and launch system designed to be used in place of "My Movies" in Windows Media Center application. DVDLobby375 WMC allows for launching of movies stored either in DVD changers, or sourced from a PC hard drive and opens Windows Media Center to the capabilities of MainLobby3 Server and it's associated plugins.

How it works

User opens WMC application and navigates to DVDLobby Icon. When that is clicked, the DVDLobby375 web user interface opens and displays thumbnails of the user's movie catalog. When the user selects a movie (using either a WMC remote control or a keyboard) that request is processed by the MainLobby3 Server software and DVDLobby375 plugin software. The DVDLobby375 setup and movie database is maintained in MLServer3. In this setup, the desired actions to perform when a movie is selected are executed.

These actions can include turning on the A/V equipment, changing signal sources appropriately for displaying that movie that is stored on that hard drive or that DVD changer, turning on the display device like a projector, dimming the lights via a lighting automation control system, playing a movie trailer before the "main event", and any other combination of automated events.

DVDLobby WMC Edition opens the world of MainLobby3 Server automation to the Vista WMC or MCE2005 user without having to add the MainLobby graphical client user interface which can require custom installation. Of course, adding MainLobby user interface is the next step towards a full featured automation and media control system beyond what the DVDLobby375 WMC application is capable of.

The user interface was built for Vista Media Center, but will function correctly in MCE2005 as well.

For added flexibility, a MainLobby3 Client PC and the DVDLobby3 user interface can be added to the user's PC network for completely customizable movie selection experience that can coexist with the DVDLobby375 WMC application running within Vista Media Center.

The html is designed for 1920x1080 screens. it does not auto resize.

DVDLobby375WMC is in public Beta and not yet available to the general market for sale.


Download and install DVDLobby375_Plugin_Setup.exe plugin and the DVDLobbyWMC_MLServer_Setup.exe from MLInstaller to the MLServer3 PC.

When you restart MLServer3, make sure the MLServer3 webserver is running and note what port it is on by clicking on Tools / Options / Network. Make sure there you have your Server's Network name in the User Web Server DNS name or IP Address field. If you have to start the webserver or change it's port, make sure you restart MLServer3 for the changes to take effect.

Configure the DVDLobby375 plugin by following the instructions DVDLobby375

Add your movies to the DVDLobby375 database by following the instructions in the Wiki.

Download and install DVDLobbyWMC_PC_Setup.exe plugin to the Vista or MCE2005 WMC PC from MLInstaller. This adds the DVDLobby link to the WMC navigation. You will be asked for the server name (or IP address) of the MLServer PC. If your MLServer3 webserver is running on port 80 (typical), you would type either: "Server1" or "" If your webserver is running on port 81, you would type "Server1:81" or "". If you subsequently need to change this setting, just rerun the installer which will overwrite your old settings with new.

You can now launch WMC application and you should see DVDLobby as a new navigation choice. When you click on it, you should see the DVDLobby WMC user interface and your movie collection. Once you navigate and choose a movie poster, click on the poster and that will tell DVDLobby375 plugin to serve up the chosen movie to the WMC movie player.


To Launch TheaterTek instead of Windows Media Player a couple lines of code would need to be changed.

Open the index.htm file in the DVDLobbyWMC folder. Locate the function called "openMedia" and replace the function with this one

Code: function openMedia() { doCommand('MLDVDLobby|UpdateWatched~' + strDVD); doCommand('MLDVDLobby|PlayMovie~' + strDVD); }

Mod for screen resolution

Look at the index.html file in the DVDLobbyWMC folder. Find the line that reads

body.style.zoom = body.getBoundingClientRect().right / 1920;

Try changing the 1920 to the horizontal resolution of your display. e.g. 1024 or whatever it may be. Since the size of the screen is changing it is most likely that you are going to have to change the number of cover art images displayed on the screen as well. This is going to require more extensive changes to the index.html file.


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