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Welcome to the App for MLS4.

If anyone has MLServer 4 installed and would like to experiment with DVDLobby 4 it is now available for download in the Installer. You will need to install the new Content Manager too as you will use the Content Manager to import your old DVDLobby database into the new database. There are some sample scenes in the MainLobby samples for using DVDLobby 4 or if you would like to use your existing scenes all you need to do is open the .mls files in your favorite text editor and globally change every MLDVDLOBBY| to DVDLobby|. All the other server variables are the same.

What's New? You can now store custom fan art for each movie. Multiple fan art images are allowed. Every time you select the move a new random fan art image is generated from the images available.

A random Poster, Front Cover and Fan art is generated every 2 minutes to give your static screens a little life.

All Movie cataloging is now done in the Content Manager. Cataloging from MainLobby scenes is not supported in this release.

MLDMR users now have the option to "Refresh" the database from the master database from within Content Manager.

System Requirements

  • MLServer version 4. or later
  • MainLobby Client ot Tablet scenes.
  • Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • PC with persistent Internet connection


Download and run the App from MLInstaller on the primary MLServer PC. You can optionally download the sample scenes for MainLobby and install them on your client PCs.

Restart MLServer.

DVDLobby Configuration for using the AV Agent

Switching from the legacy world of media player plugins and associated agents will require you to make three significant changes to the configuration of DVDLobby. The first involves the definition of the Play Movie commands and the second is the definition of the remote control commands used to control the players and the third step is to unify the associated players used in your movie collection. The process is now greatly simplified as there is now only one Play Movie command required and one set of remote control commands to use any of the six supported media players.

AV Family - Play Movie Command

If not already defined you will need to create a new Play Movie command called "AV Family". The command in its most simplest form is shown in the previous image. You must maintain the commands shown but you will need to insert any other custom commands you need to set up your environment to play your movie.

AV Family - Remote Control

Next you need to select one of the unused remote control tabs and assign it to the new "AV Family" remote control. All of the six media players will use the same set of remote control commands. You no longer need a separate set for each different media player. You will also note that we now use a new server variable called media_activeplayer_{{clientname}}. This is the variable that will be used to define which device driver gets used during movie playback.

Associated Player Consolidation

The third and final step is performed using the Content Manager. Go into the Movie Settings selection and from the Tools Menu select the "Change Associated Players" menu option. From the dialog that is shown change each of your old associated players from the old value to the new "AV Family" option. In an ideal world you will only have one associated player. The only exception to this rule applies to users who have Sony CX7000ES and/or CX777ES changers. These remain as separate associated players due to the unique sets of commands associated with these players.

MLServer Variables

App Server Variables=

The App will auto generate variables in MLServer based on the settings you have entered. These are most of the variables, look at the MLS4 Server Variables for current variables generated.

  • Appname_variable