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Displays a live stream from your Axis video products supporting MJPEG directly within MainLobby's interface using ActiveX. Optionally, you can also display a reloading jpg from any camera. This allows users to layer graphics on top of the streaming jpg image.


  • Install the Axis Client Side ActiveX Streaming Video Window Setup File (GuiGraphix Library0016) and restart MainLobby
  • Compatible Axis video product



The Axis Client Side ActiveX Streaming Video Window requires a separate Library that includes objects necessary to display your Axis cameras or server within MainLobby's interface. This Library should be installed on every MainLobby client.

MLAxisWindow Object

To add a live video feed to your MainLobby interface:

  1. From MainLobby select Library from the MainLobby Menu Bar
  2. Select Library0016 from the Library Drop Down
  3. Press Add
  4. Press the MLAxisWindow Thumbnail Square
  5. Close the Library Panel by pressing the X in the upper right corner
  6. Now press EDIT from the MainLobby Menu Bar
  7. Then left-click on the MLAxisWindow Blue Square
  8. Modify the label field per the instructions below and then Press OK

Label Field Properties

{Label}Script Usage




Results: Displays Axis video product in a 640x480 window with a windowID equal to 1


Results: Displays Axis Camera# 2 at a 4CIF resolution in a 320x240 window with a windowID equal to 2 and PTZ enabled

WindowWidth = Width of the camera window
WindowHeight = Height of the camera window
windowID# = A unique windowID# (ie: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) that is referenced later for control. The windowID# should be unique per scene. You can have multiple windows on a single scene, but again, the windowID# should be unique.
IPaddress = IP Address of Axis video product
Parameters = Optional parameters separated by "&" (ie: &resolution=4CIF&camera=2&text=1&textstring=MyCamera)
Username = Your Axis Video Product Username
Password = Your Axis Video Product Password
UIMode = A string specifying the user interface mode. Possible values are: none, ptz-absolute, ptz-relative, ptz-relative-no-cross, ptz-user-setting

camera = 1..., quad [selects the source camera or quad stream]
compression = 0...100 [Adjusts the compression level of the image. Higher values correspond to higher compression]
clock = 0 [hides the time stamp], 1 [shows the time stamp]
date = 0 [hides the date], 1 [shows the date]
text = 0 [hides the text], 1 [shows the text]
textstring = String (MyCamera), requires text
rotation = 0, 90, 180, 270 [Rotate the image clockwise]
textpos = top, bottom [The position of the string shown in the image]
overlayimage = 0 [disable overlay image, 1 [enable overlay image]
resolution = 4CIF, 2CIF Expanded, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
squarepixel = 0 [enable/disable square pixel correction], 1 [Applies only to video encoders]

UIMode possible values
none = User interface is in standard mode
ptz-absolute = User interface accepts Pan, Tilt, Zoom commands in absolute mode
ptz-relative = User interface accepts Pan, Tilt, Zoom commands in relative mode and displays a cross hair in the center of the image.
ptz-relative-no-cross = User interface accepts Pan, Tilt, Zoom commands in relative mode and displays NO cross hair in the center of the image.
ptz-user-setting = User interface accepts Pan, Tilt, Zoom commands and is either in absolute or relative mode depending on user settings.

Supported Commands

Known Issues

  • When changing the window size through the label field, the ActiveX doesn't scale immediately. Users can temporarily drag the bottom right anchor to scale their ActiveX Window with their mouse. Alternatively, save your scene and return to it if you opt to continue to use the label field.


  • Due to the nature of ActiveX windows, the Axis ActiveX Video Window will not respond to actions assigned in the button properties panel. If you wish to have the video link to a new scene, you will need to place a separate button object to the side of the video window. Also, library objects cannot be placed ontop of the Axis Video Window.

Release Notes

04/06/10 - Version 3.01

Bug Fixes

  • Installer now contains necessary controls to fix the following error: "File Not Found "axismediacontrolemb.dll".

04/06/10 - Version 3.02

Bug Fixes

  • Label Field was not prepopulating correctly.

04/09/10 - Version 3.03

Bug Fixes

  • Not supplying a UIMode would crash MainLobby
  • Pan/Tilt control of ActiveX was only controlling Camera1